snapshots of stockholm.

i just gotta share a few pics from my adventure to stockholm on tuesday. yes, i made it. i survived all the swedish, the new people, the train, the metro, didn’t get lost, and made it back home before the clock struck midnight. it was a great little adventure and a chance to travel, which you know is always a plus for me. speaking of travel, my love & i were trying to sync our calendars yesterday morning and realized that for the next month, things are a little out of control. ok. a lot. but, i’ll get to travel some (feels really good – exploring new places is a plus & really crappy at the same time – i truly love traveling with lina. she makes everything fun, and i find myself wanting to share things with her when i travel alone, only to find that she is not there with me). anyway, here’s what i realized… within a 14 day period i am traveling to 4 different cities all over sweden. whoa. and lina is not going with me on one single trip. boo. but… after all the crazy travel in sweden is over, it’s time for a long, exciting weekend with my love in paris!

but, for now, here are a few snapshots of the swedish capital. stockholm, baby.

stormy skies in norrköping as i walked to the train station. but, check out that yellow bush! the only sign of spring in sight. still, there is hope.

 busy stockholm street.

i had just enough time to grab a chai latte. perfect.

 headed across the street & down to the metro/subway.

so many people. all so different. all in their own little world, yet crossing paths for a few minutes. insanity.

 made it to my destination & discovered this cute little market just before the meeting.

 5 hours later (10pm) & i was back in the not so busy train station. headed home!

well, it’s thursday. and there’s lots to do. hope you have a wonderful day & find some little adventures in whatever you do!

peace out.

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  1. That is so cool the way you documented your trip! Very neat! The 4th photo almost looks fake, or like a painting or something. The cloud in the corner provides a nice distraction/dynamic from the building. (: I loved this post, Liz! Can’t wait to see more from your little adventures! Sounds right up your alley. (:

    1. Thanks, Heather! I can’t wait to have my next little adventures & share them with you! 😉 Hope your day at school to successful & good. Enjoy your Friday!

    1. Thanks, sis! We miss you & & Nick!!!! Soooo much. Wish we could see each other, enjoy some cold beers or margaritas & Mexican food, and hug until the sun came up. Love you both!

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