so this happened

i am not ashamed at all that i have spent the better part of my weekend so far in bed and in my pjs… because i have been so productive it’s crazy. and i didn’t even plan any of it.

i just woke up on saturday morning, opened my computer (to actually write some blog posts), and started clicking around on some theme updates that were waiting for me.

buuuut… i got a little distracted. and i suddenly found myself installing a new theme and then coding + redesigning everything.

like i said, i had absolutely no intention of doing this, no even thought of changing up my blog at all, but i suppose it was meant to be.

and i am totally happy with it.

i’ve got a static, featured page now, so you’ll have to click around to get to my blog and life coaching stuff.

to help with the transitions + all of the newness, i thought i’d create a little blog toolbar tour for you, so you’ll know how to find everything. happy exploring!

ABOUT: use the about tab to find out all about me – ok, a lot about me., but not everything.  the basics, you know. i gotta leave a little mystery. 


blog belovelive design theme


LIFE COACHING: here’s where you go to find out what life coaching all about. what it is, how i became one, how you can get in touch with me, should you want to make changes or just wonder out loud about your life. you can schedule a session with me and even find some tips on creating the life that you want.

blog belovelive design theme


CONTACT: get my email address or fill out a form to leave me a message. i love emails + messages, so get in touch. no, seriously. i promise i’ll reply as soon as possible!

contact blog belovelive design


BLOG: here you can read all of my latest posts. or, you can pick a category and explore it. as you can see, i’ve got a wide range of interests. hehe.
blog belovelive design theme


WIDGETS + OTHER STUFF: ok. you see that little goldfish, orange downward-facing arrow under the website’s title? that’s what you use to see my widgets. minimalist + snazzy, huh?

blog belovelive design theme

blog belovelive design theme


SOCIAL MEDIA: up in the right-hand corner i’ve got all of my little social media icons. everything from spotify to instagram to Facebook and vimeo. click them all and see how obsessed i am with social media . plus, let’s be friends all over the place!

blog belovelive design theme

that’s it. the new upgrade to my design. now, go explore that toolbar for yourself!

you know, for me, my blog’s design is part of its message. i want there to be a certain look, feel, and even emotion that arises from clicking around on my pages. and, of course, i hope that it is clean, minimal, user-friendly, and pretty. all in all, i want my blog design to be part of my message of inspiration, simplicity, and loving life.

what do you think, friends + fellow bloggers?! do you like it? if you have a blog, do you change things up often? do you think design really matters, or is it just a nuisance for you? if you need any tips or advice, i’m just an amateur, but i know a little, so just hit me up with some questions if you have any.

in the meantime, happy sunday, friends! i’m off to actually get dress + do some adventuring with my love!

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “so this happened

  1. You are a coding genius! Like I said in my last comment, I absolutely adore your new design. It fits your blog and what you are all about to a T!

    1. Thanks, lady! Ok, I did a lot myself, but when I got stuck, I could just ask my sweet wifey, the graphic designer, to help me out! 🙂

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