the week that i realized i need a break // 20

hey you guys. things are getting crazy here. or they feel crazy. i feel crazy. i mean, i’m not really stressed or ridiculously tired or anything. but, it feels like a lot. i think it’s work. and the fact that i’m working five days now, plus it’s the end of the year and my students are freaking out trying to complete everything.

and while i feel pretty calm + stable, i also feel off.

i think i need a break. and i am seriously longing for my vacation (which isn’t for another two months). buuuuut, there are only 2 more “real weeks” of school left with the kids who are graduating. and then a third week that will be the ending of school for all of the students. so, three weeks and then i get a breather.

ok. so i don’t get summer break, like you do in other schools. but, work will look a lot differently. plus i go back to having my mondays off during the summer. and that is gonna feel so freaking nice.

what i miss the most right now is blogging. i could seriously do it every day, all day long. it’s pretty clear to me that a huge passion of mine lies in blogging and writing and creating for this website. oh, and i miss traveling. i want and need to travel. good thing i’ve got a few trips up my sleeve!

so, even though i’ve got some things that i am missing + needing, i’ve got plans to remedy that.

i may still be working from now until july 16, but i intend to return to my regular blogging ways after the school year is over in 3 weeks. and i’ve got tons of other plans for the summer too involving my life coaching business. and, yeah, some pretty bomb-diggity travel plans as well.

so, three weeks and then i can get to work on it all.

in the meantime, here’s how life is looking up here in my little nordic spring nest. this week i snapped shots mostly of nature (hellooooo spring!) and my love (as we celebrated her birthday this past weekend). here’s how it all looked for me this week:

storm weather

dinner food


dark home bedroom moody


zola the cat

lina birthday

lina birthday

lina birthday

lina birthday

lina birthday

full moon

home design bookcase

home backyard

home bedroom window

beautiful slow loving, even in the middle of a crazy life.

and while i am trying to stay focused + slow + intentional in my everyday comings and going, i realize that i cannot keep up with everything. i cannot do it all. so, i’ve let blogging and life coaching take a backseat for a while.

and just so you know, even if i am not commenting on your blogs or keeping up on instagram, know that i am still surfacing there. i am still scrolling through and dropping in, keeping up with you here and there. but, my presence isn’t quite as active as it has been in the past or how i wish it was now. in other words, the balance of work and blogging and everything else just ain’t working for me right now. it’s all a bit lopsided, or one-sided, or something. heavily favoring the 8-5, monday-friday work week. filled with moments of meditation and as much photography as i can squeeze in – to keep me sane and grounded.

even though i am busy and adjusting to this life, and not feeling like i don’t have enough time in the day to do everything i want, i still know that in all that i am doing, i am doing it all intentionally, slowly, mindfully. so i remain grounded, no matter what is swirling around.

it’s more about focusing on being who i am instead of all of what i am doing. if i stay focused on and connected to my being, then any- and everything i do will be intentional. being is the heart of how to live. doing is the fruit of being.

in other words, i am trusting the process and letting all of the signs and visions thoughts come to my consciousness. so much is being made clear to me right now – about what i love, how i want to live, what’s important to me, how i want to make a difference, the life that i want to create + live. it’s as if my life is serving as a mirror for me.

i am trusting and listening and letting things be as they are. feeling that there is much going on behind the scenes in my life that i am not aware of as i go through my everyday life. i can feel it, though i have no idea what it is. but, now, in life, instead of trying to desperately figure it out or fight against the present moment in trying to force to happen what i want to happen, i am simply trying to stay present.

things will make sense as time passes. the seeds that are being planted and germinating right now, will soon bloom and grow and be visible in the not too distant future.

so, while i am tired all of the time. and disappointed in my blogging. and missing out on some of the writing and life coaching things that i desperately want to do, i am not panicking. nope. i am letting it be. participating in life as it happens. and doing all that i can to document and record and observe and soak up all of those regular, beautiful moments in life.

how about you? what’s your status with your life right now? how do you feel about things? satisfied? content? restless? excited? do tell!

xoxo. liz.

7 thoughts on “the week that i realized i need a break // 20

  1. Hang in there. As an educator for 30+ years, I can truthfully say that the most stressful time for me was when I was most exhausted and “over it.” If it weren’t for summers to look forward to, I’m not sure I could have ever made it to the end.

  2. I can for sure relate to you about feeling tired! Trying to manage working with the needs of a 2-month-old is so draining (even though I love both!). For me, school ends this weekend, so I am EXTREMELY excited for the break. Naps here I come!! 🙂

  3. I totally feel what you are saying! It’s so crazy hard to maintain writing and other passions when having a full-time job and while also trying to have a social life and a somewhat normal summer. Going through that right now and it’s super exhausting and sometimes I just want to flip but I know I have to keep going otherwise I will feel too hollow inside! So you’re on a great path to set yourself that deadline… Which I have yet to do.

  4. Ugh, I can relate Liz. I’m just coming out of a couple of weeks feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’s no fun. The good news is, now things have slowed down! And they will for you too, very soon. Hang in there!
    You still always manage to capture the beauty of everyday life in your pretty photos. They are stunning!
    And so is the new layout of our blog! Minimalist, fresh and meaningful, I love it!

    1. Oh, Miriam… thank you so much! I had absolutely no intention or even idea that I’d sit in bed all freaking day long and work on my blog. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to change it up, and then I just started coding and such. I am literally still in my pjs… and it’s time for me to make some dinner. But, isn’t it so awesome how those spontaneous things just spring from us at just the right moment?! I hope you have a beautiful weekend, love. Thank you so much for your support and your continuous encouragement. It means the world to me!!

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