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    get out of the boat.

    summer 2007 denmark: the plane touched down. five excited, never-been-to-europe-before university students, a fellow minister, and i found our way through customs, got our passports stamped, saw a smiling & familiar (to me) face…

    2 Nov 2012
  • life

    working girl.

    my work station today. cozy, huh? yes, it’s saturday. and yes. i’m working. but how bad can it be? i’m in my comfy, cozy apartment. i’m doing something that i love. i’ve got good…

    3 Sep 2011
  • life

    this crazy road.

     hello and happy friday! this week i have broken my little phase of writing & posting a picture every day. it wasn’t intentional to begin writing & posting every day, and it wasn’t intentional…

    12 Aug 2011