thank you, monday.

10 May 2011

a little recap of monday:

  • warm, beautiful weather
  • a productive day at school (a rare thing these days. hehe.)
  • working with young adults, working with lina, & learning swedish all combined into one super fun internship!
  • beer outside in the sun at our favorite pub after work/internship
  • a chance to take pictures
  • a chat with my brother & sister-in-law
  • our swiss friend who lives in ireland may come visit us in sweden in june. yay!!
  • only 6 more mondays till i’m off to the USA! (but i’m not counting…)

it was a feel-good, sunshine-y, breathe-in-fresh-air, be-thankful-to-be-alive, kinda day! here’s to wishing you a great tuesday!


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  • Reply Nicole 10 May 2011 at 10:37

    And I am coming!! Flights are booked. I’m sooo excited. See you in 4 weeks.
    puss o kram

    • Reply belovelive 10 May 2011 at 22:53

      YAY!!!!! i can’t wait! we are so excited to have you here!!! kramar!

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