the last day.

today i finished my swedish course!!! and it feels amazing and sad all at the same time. every time something changes, something ends or something new begins, i have to take it all in. i need to reflect on all that has happened. but, there’s no time for that today… our vacation begins tomorrow!!! ♥ (well i did crash my old classes’ party before i left the school. hehe). but now, it’s on to new things. laundry & packing!

thanks to zola for congratulating me with my grades/certificate in my hand. she’s so sweet & adorable. i’m pretty sure she knows something’s up = her mommies are going out of town. she’s following me & lina everywhere we go. and yes, i’m having some separation anxiety issues.

happy tuesday! peace.


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  1. Congrats on the end of your course!
    I’m very concerned about who’s looking after that amazing cat of yours. I want to move to a house just so I can have a cat!!

    1. Thanks girls!!! It feels great to be done! As for my cat, Holly, my wife’s amazing cousin is staying in our apartment while we are gone. She and Zola are super tight and love each other, which feels great. Do it! Get a cat!!! 🙂

  2. I want to so much. I love flat/cit living especially in MAnchester (Which is amaing) but I really want a cat too and it’s just not fair in a flat! If you ever want to ship her off I’ll happily foster her for a while!

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