the week that i had a weird schedule // 43

this week was weird, you guys. i worked all week, as usual. but, then i also did a bunch of things at home too… work-wise. life coach-wise, i mean. plus i got all wrapped up in american politics.

and, since the sun hasn’t shone here (except for about 10 minutes last sunday) in two weeks, i’ve been pretty damn effective. i have had no “i need to be outside enjoying this” guilt. and yet, those times that i have found myself outside (= walking to and from work), i have absolutely enjoyed it in the moment.

all that to say… i’ve been inside a lot. and i’ve been following a very, very weird schedule.

to begin with, i did all of my regular things, like working at the school. meditating in the mornings. watching some netflix stuff (because, folks, it’s freaking dark out now).

but, i also found myself up int he middle of the night twice this week. once for a life coaching webinar from 1am – 2:30 am. and once for the freaking last presidential debate. why, you ask? i don’t know, but, let’s move on, ok?

all of this middle of the night awake-ness messed with my system. and, yet, i have been increasingly productive + inspired. how is that possible?!

still, my life coaching business is on its freaking way. i sent in my ballot for the american election. and i got shit done at work at the school. i have planned + mapped out the coming week, making time for blogging, life coaching, and regular work. i’ve started hammering down plans for our annual halloween party next weekend. i meditated every single morning. and i have still had time to binge some netflix/hbo series with my love.

am i gonna crash soon?!

it doesn’t feel like it actually. instead, it feels like i have moved into this next phase of my life. i’ve been talking about it for a while now.. knowing that i was breaking out of my learning to live a slow life + practicing grounding myself in it, to actually live it. in the midst of a crazy busy life.

and, well, i think i’m here. the journey has begun. the last chapter is done and i am definitely already in this next chapter action.

what that actually means for me, personally, is that i have successfully embarked on a new journey. i have taken all that i have learned about being + doing (a life of contemplation + slow living and a life of action + results) and created a balance. 

for me, the goal has been to live a slow, mindful life that makes a difference. and, right now, i feel quite confident that i have learned how to stay grounded + active at the same time. without losing who i am for all that i try to do, but instead to let all that i do come out of who i am

in no way dos this mean that i have “it” all figured out. it means that i have taken this huge step, which i’ve worked on for about 8 years now, and moved forward to something new…. the next step that’s out there waiting for me. i don’t know exactly what that is just yet, but i do believe that it has something to do with owning my power + making the lifestyle that i dream of my reality.

so, here are a few things i experiences this week… take a look!

effective + focused

walking autumn
my “commute” to work. i love that i get to walk there.
me coffee seasons
coffee. coffee. coffee. at work. much needed this week. ok, as usual, for this coffee lover.
i voted!
meditation morning
early morning meditation time. i actually couldn’t wait for it every single day this week. sooooo cozy.
life coach desk
2 AM note-taking during a life coaching webinar. am i dedicated or crazy?!

downtime at home

autumn home living room
weekend vibes
autumn home tv
autumn nights with my love. wine. popcorn. tv.
autumn home living room
still feeling those vibes…
autumn home living room
inspired and excited to have time to do things i love. plus… a cozy, fluffy cushion.

relishing every cozy moment of this season

autumn home walking me feet
grocery shopping on the way home for the weekend
backyard autumn home
our magical backyard
autumn home
i’ve now decided to officially call our home “the yellow villa”. ‘cuz its just so cute + cozy. and yellow!
autumn home
matching home + leaves!
autumn home
an early morning weekend stroll with my cup of coffee.
autumn home
loving the slow, crisp autumn weekend morning. and looooving our golden street.
autumn home
more backyard love
autumn home
i just can’t get enough of our golden kitchen window view.

obviously we are in the midst of autumn here. it’s a magical, golden world to me. and, even though the weather is dreary, i’m still finding inspiration + energy. so, we will see what this upcoming week has to bring. and how (and if) i keep the balance.

you know, i was talking with my love this morning about how things change. how one day we can feel so inspired and energetic, and the next we can feel just blah. it sucks, i admit, but i think that it’s just how life is. we aren’t feelin’ it all the time, every day. it’s not sunny every single day, nor it is rainy every single day.

we move back + forth between it all. light and dark. good and bad. up and down. 

the truth, though, in my opinion lies within us. we are not the duality that seems to be all around us. we are, in fact, balanced, whole, spirit-filled, divine souls. we are rooted + stable… because we are so much more that when happens to us + around us. we are a grounded being. united and one with the source. the mystery. the divine. mother nature. or whatever you want to call it.

and, when we live from that source within, then all of the stuff swirling around us, does not shake us.

so, my friends, stay grounded in who you are this week. be true to your soul. and know that all of life is unfolding. our journey, every single moment of every single regular, boring, shitty, spectacular day is life. so, let’s live it. are you with me?!

xoxo. liz.

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