the week that was all about quality time // 10

Doesn’t it feel like time is flying to you? Or am I the only one? 

I suppose that part of it is the whirlwind move that my love and I have made to our own apartment. So, there’s that – and all of the busy-ness of turning this amazing blank canvas of a place into our own funky, minimalist home. This is the fun stuff! But, good grief, how the days are just clicking by. And between unpacking and organizing and cleaning and rearranging (most of all what my love has been doing) and working every day, we’ve stayed busy… and tired. But, that good kind of tired, when you lay down at night, stretch out, pull the covers up tight, and feel satisfaction and peace. 

That’s how I’ve been feeling. Exhausted. But, satisfied + at peace. And so very grateful. 

I haven’t had much contact with my blog not just because of the busy-ness, but also because we don’t freaking have Internet or tv yet. Oh, we had it all lined up, but nothing has worked yet. And we’ve contacted the company, I don’t know, maybe 10 times. They are working on it, but it’s uncertain how long we have to wait. 

So, no internet means no blog posts. No tv. No Netflix. However, we have definitely created lots of quality time together – and that’s totally good. Talk about slow, intentional, mindful, simple living. 

I’ve actually reflected on it a bit, and with the new moon that we had this week, I’ve reconnected with some of the things that are important to me, that help me focus on who I want to be as a person. How I want to live. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen a few night sky photos from me this week. There are tons more on my camera roll. There is so much sky to see from my living room and bedroom windows. It just takes my breath away. As I’ve stood there this week, late at night, snapping photos + reflecting on the new moon + the new beginnings growing from this change in my life, I’ve recommitted myself to truly trying to live more mindfully + slowly. To let that slow, simple way of being ooze out into my daily life, into everything I do and every part of who I am. To allow my life to become more active, and yet more slow at the same time. That is the balance, the next level of spiritual growth, that is being laid out in front of me. 

Even while I’ve been busy and exhausted this week, I have had time. Time without distractions. I haven’t sat around and written, pondered, or aimlessly done nothing. I’ve stayed on the go. And, yet, I’ve remained grounded. 

Do you get what I’m talking about? That, somehow, this transition has introduced to me the act of living slowly, of finding and keeping peace in the midst of chaos. It’s not just that I am thinking about it, writing about it, and setting intentions about it. This is the beginning of living it. 

So, now that I’ve typed all of this in my phone and I’m not sure if it makes any sense (for some reason it’s hard to concentrate and pull my thoughts together on my phone screen), I think it’s time to share with you some photos from the week. Hope you enjoy them!

Here’s to wishing you a beautiful Sunday – and a lovely week ahead! Maybe we will get internet + I’ll get back to blogging soon! 

xoxo. liz

10 thoughts on “the week that was all about quality time // 10

  1. Lovely to see glimpses of your new home! I hope you both get really settled soon 🙂
    I know that feeling of busy but still finding time to do nothing. It’s good but so is total downtime at the end!
    Enjoy your week Liz!

    1. Downtime is coming this weekend as I have six while days in a row off!! Woo hoo! Enjoy your trip!

  2. You write in a way that I always feel as though I’m there experiencing what you’re writing about. You should seriously try writing a book. I really enjoyed these photos and you’re also an amazing photographer. I’m wondering if everything you touch turns to magic. 🙂

    1. What an amazing thing for you to say. I am truly touched, Tracy. Hope all is well with you!

  3. I’m so impressed that you wrote this entire post on your phone, awesome job! It’s 100 times more difficult on a tiny phone with touchscreen, and you have proven your dedication to blogging with this post 🙂
    I sure hope that you’ll get Internet asap, I always miss it when I’m without.
    It sounds like you’re in a good place (both in your life and in this place you bought), busy, but good. I’m so happy for you!

    1. Haha!! It was definitely a challenge! Thanks for following along and always commenting, my dear blogging friend. Sending you love!

  4. I also find it incredibly hard to post anything from my phone. I’ve gotten in the habit to pre-write blog posts though and to post them later-on. So maybe you could type them out on the laptop and then post them when you have internet access (work, library, coffee shop)? Just an idea, I’m sure you’re really enjoying your time off, too.
    This month is the month to figure out a lot of things, so less distraction is usually better.

    1. You’re so right. I should absolutely try to write at home and then post somewhere where there is internet! But, damn I am so lazy and such a procrastinator! 🙂

      It really is a month of figuring out things isn’t it?! Hope you’re well! xx

  5. So many of these photos are really phenomenal, Liz. I LOVE your sky photos as always but that cathedral shot is incredible.

    1. Thank you so very much!! It was a magical little moment – the light was just perfect!

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