top ten tuesday.

introducing… liz’s top ten things she should be doing:

1. writing my next blog post (or 2 or 3) for from death to peace (my memoir)

2. writing a proposal for work

3. creating my own december photo a day challenge

4. completing & email my christmas wish list to santa (my mom told me that he asked me to send one. really.)

5. making a plan of strategy for how to cook/bake all of my thanksgiving goodies in our one tiny oven (thanksgiving is saturday!)

6. taking pictures & do another photo tip blog post

7. using those little 30 minutes that are filled with waiting/down time in between projects more effectively

8. meditating

9. writing. writing. writing.

10. challenging myself to set up a routine, a schedule every day, to make my writing my other (unpaid) job

here are the top ten things she’s been doing instead:

1. drinking glögg

2. decorating

3. listening to christmas music

4. staring out the window at the rain

5. arranging my playlists

6. planning and/or packing (for the trip to the states in a little under 3 weeks. sick, isn’t it?)

7. drinking coffee

8. meeting friends

9. making lists

10. updating the weather app on my phone every hour to see if there is snow in the forecast

i feel like i have about a million little projects to do, and i can’t seem to get them done. i want to do them. none of them are difficult or annoying. all of them are things that i enjoy. but, i can’t seem to get myself into gear. am i that disorganized? am i that sucked into the holiday season already? is it the perpetual darkness and constant rain? geez. i gotta get a grip and focus on today. but, the christmas spirit has taken over. i’m daydreaming my moments away…

ok. i would say that it’s time to get down to business, but i need to first call my mom, and then there will be only a few minutes left before i head to work. truly not enough time to cross anything off of my list…

but, i have a plan! tonight i will be at the church for meditation (see #8 on my should do list). every tuesday night i am in the sanctuary, with candles lit and soft music, available for anyone to come and sit with me. in silence. or to chat. usually there are very few people there, so i have a good hour & a half in a quiet, spiritual room to just be. tonight. i will meditate. i will write. i will feed my soul.

i hope your tuesday is a productive one, but one in which you find some moments to feed & nurture your soul too.

peace i send to you.

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  1. I could make a pair of lists like that! Hard to make myself do what I need to do!

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