winding down.


it’s late sunday night. well, not so late. but late enough. or perhaps i’m just tired. i’m feeling mellow. chill. good.

it’s been a fairly busy weekend, what with being at work every day. but, it’s all been good. or perhaps i’m just in a good mood. i don’t exactly know what i am right now. my head hurts terribly, i can barely keep by eyes open as i tap my finger on my phone’s keypad. it probably doesn’t help that I’m already laying down. still, back to what i was saying… i feel drained, exhausted. but good. peaceful.

besides the work of the weekend, my love & i managed to knock off almost all of our christmas shopping, watched a movie at the theater, and decorated our apartment. go us. the holidays have arrived here! it is so cozy, warm, & beautiful, if i do say so myself. it feels great. we tapped off our night with a swedish christmas tradition… drinking glögg. mmm…

the upcoming week looks to be busy too, but that’s the nature of the season, huh? of course, a lot of busy-ness is amazing & fun stuff… like going to the theater and having our thanksgiving dinner with friends. i’m also determined to get some more writing of my story done & posted on here. and, of course, every day brings us one more closer to my love & i to our trip to the states. only 3 weeks now!

i hope y’all had a great weekend, holiday or not. i wish you a night of peaceful rest & a new week filled with new opportunities to follow your dreams. enjoy the season!

peace & love.

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  1. oh, I really have to start making Glögg/ Glühwein myself. We also just decorated our apartment in a Xmassy way! 🙂

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