the 26th of december!

when i first met lina, something clicked. we laughed, we talked, we shared. what followed was a year-long friendship over skype, msn, facebook, & a few visits back & forth to each other’s countries. who knew that after 4 years, which included 4 months of living in denmark together, 6 months of living in asheville together, summers in sweden, summers in north carolina, adopting a little cat into our family,  moving to sweden, and many other trips, cozy nights, friends, & adventures later it would grow into the love that exists today? it’s a story worth telling, an unexpected story of love found at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected way, and a story that i hope to get down on paper in the form of a memoir one day sooner than later. but, i’ll let you read a tiny little bit of our history here…

on this day, two years ago here in sweden, lina and i got married. ♥ it was a simple wedding in the city hall, which just happens to be 1 block down from where we live now. i remember the excitement of that day, and the knowledge that the marriage was so right, and that my life was changing in ways i couldn’t even imagine. i still feel that way, yet even stronger, now. i feel complete with lina. we balance each other out. we have the same values & dreams, yet in our own special ways. we’re just enough alike & just enough different to keep life interesting and peaceful.

as i look back over the last two years and think of all that has happened, i am humbled, amazed, & so thankful. when i think about the future, i can’t even imagine the joys, adventures, and moments that are waiting! but, that’s the beautiful past and the amazing future…

today, we have enjoyed each other, had some fun, taken care of each other, laughed a little, and celebrated our love!

 on our wedding day.

two years later & still oh so in love.

happy anniversary, my everything! i love you with all that i am!

peace & love.

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  1. While there may be the fairest of all fair maidens in these charming snapshots, perhaps I could ask that if you take any more piccies in the next few days you could stand a little more to the left or the right so I can fully gauge the wintry road surface. One is not sure what footwear I should load my sherpa up with for my return trip to Sweden.

    Much obliged,

    ~ The Dippylomat esq.

    1. My dearest fellow transplant, there is no snow here in Sweden. Well, I suppose there is some up in Norrland. But, otherwise, you are safe. The top picture with snow as taken 2 years ago, and the bottom picture was taken in Ireland in the fall. So, there is no snow to see. I’ll be sure to let you know if any snowy weather heads our way. So far, it’s been 7 degrees & windy. When are you making the trip back?

      1. Thank the Heavens for that, and how lovely it is to have a Sweden-based Scout to inform me of such metereoligical matters. I am flying the one-day-to-be Lady Dippylomat to the UK for the new year celebrations and then we will both return on the Monday following.

        With much respect and admiriation,

        ~ The Dippylomat esq

    1. Thank you, my dear. I’ve been thinking about you during the weekend. Hope all is well with you & that you are getting excited about your trip! When do you leave? Have you already left & I missed it?! xx

  2. You look so, so happy. It is wonderful, just wonderful, when people find in their life, what they were meant to.

    All the best to you both 🙂 Your pictures actually just make me smile!

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