what’s waiting for you?

it’s been a good day. it started off a little if-y, though. spent the morning in a long meeting surrounded by a lot of negative energy actually. why must people always see the problems and stuck there? why must people discuss something over & over, going in circle after circle – arguing and not moving forward? ugh.

but that was just the first hour. then we had fika, that life-saving break that breathes new inspiration into all people. and today it did just that. well, at least for me.

over a steaming cup of hot chocolate, i met an intern from germany & we hit it off. as we were chatting with each other, i started having one of those crazy conversations in my head that some of you know that i have when i am doing some public speaking or just talking… i analyze, plan, and think things in my head as i am speaking about something else. well, i was doing just that. as i was chit-chatting with the german chick, i was thinking about how unbelievably incredible it was that we were chatting in swedish. 2 newly-swedish-speaking ex-pats, from different countries, with different languages (of course she speaks english too), speaking a third language to communicate. so. freaking. cool.

and then i had a moment. one of those moments where i am blown away that i live in sweden. i left my home country, everything i knew, moved to live with my love, have learned a new language, and have been working for almost a year – making connections & building up my own life here. of course, not without the help & support of so many people, mainly my love. anyway, it was an awesome moment. one that i never dreamed, planned, or thought i would find myself in the middle of.

life is crazy. amazing. difficult. and breath-taking. especially when we go deeper, get out of our comfort zones, and risk everything. we never know what’s waiting for us! but i guarantee every single one of you that, if we listen to our souls, it will be more amazing than we ever could have imagined.

courage & peace i send to you.

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    1. I love love love Joseph Campbell! Thank you! (btw, i want to know your name, or what i can call you. a code name or something. pleeeease?!) 😉

  1. Have you read any Parker Palmer? We had to read his book, A Hidden Wholeness, for a class this semester. Your very last sentence, about “listening to our souls,” totally reminded me of that book. I found it really helpful to think about how important it is to let our souls/inner selves speak. There’s so much wisdom in there if you just give it the space and time to come out.

    1. carissa, i have never read any of his work, but after reading your comment i see that i must get my hands on that book! 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean!

    I also moved from my country, across the world, to be with my love~ tho it didn’t work out w/her, my kids & I stayed & planted ourselves in Oz.

    It’s been tremendously difficult for a gamut of reasons- but I am so grateful to be here. At any given moment, as I make my way through my day, I will suddenly be struck that I am actually living in Australia! And I smile a big smile~ 🙂

    *My life plan is to have no plan- it’s too stressful

    1. Tracy, Yay for having no plans!!! I am totally with you. I made plans for years, and well, that did not work out. So, now I have dreams & goals, and then I see what opportunities arise & where life takes me, knowing that it will always, always work out – even if there is a dark, painful period in the middle of the journey (because there always is).

      Keep smiling & enjoying the moments of your life! Australia?! So cool! I’d love to visit Australia one day.

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