why i am living in a flea market.

happening today in our apartment:




it’s gonna be a crazy, epic weekend. but, it feels so amazing to be rid of so much stuff (think simplicity!) & to know that it’s going to friends & family feels even better. whatever is left over after the weekend we are donating. if you’re in norrköping, come on by! wish us luck!!

happy friday! peace & love.

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  1. I’m not sure how I fell into your blog but I am enjoying all your positive energy.

    Oh, and I’ll take the clothes rack and the cat!

    1. oh you are so sweet! i am so happy you find my blog to be a place of positivity! thank you for commenting. 🙂

  2. I’m always so insulted that people question the value of my stuff- lol.

    Good luck & have fun.

    PS: the correct response during a barter: “you have $10 on this, will you take $6?” — you say, “let’s split the difference & call it $8”.

    FYI 🙂

  3. Oh how I love your “love is magic” diptych! I wish I were in norrköping so I could come by and swipe it!

    1. lina was flattered you said you love it. she painted it. wish you could’ve snagged it too… but one of the teenage girls i work with bought it and is gonna hang it in her room. and then she freaked out when i told her that it was the title of the poem that was read at our wedding. if you can’t have it, feels good she does. 😉

  4. 8th, I bet either through me or Soprano. But since Soprano isn’t around, I claim it! Ha!

    I love the little box with drawers. How many krona?

  5. I’ve been mostly offline over the last week due to some really fun travel – and how fun to come back to this post! I’m decluttering for a move two miles away – and I’m planning ahead for a move across the ocean in a few years. This is very inspiring! I’m very excited for you!

    1. A move across the ocean. Ack. To you both. (This just connected. Liz, Lina and SO.) When you guys are on this side of the ocean, we’ll have to talk Lina in to doing more painting and opening an etsy shop!

  6. oooo… sounds exciting! lots of plans in the works! thank you for your sweet comment, a. xoxo

  7. In all our moving around and multiple rounds of downsizing, we’ve gone through this process many times. And Liz, you nail it exactly when you say “living in a flea market.” And BTW, it looks very nicely organized. Good Luck! ~James

  8. Thanks, James. I am such a professional mover after doing it all my life. But, it’s never easy. My love, however, is the queen of organization and getting things done. She is amazing!! I give all of the credit to her. 😉

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