living like a lily.

5 Nov 2013 spirit + soul

oh lord, here we go again. what is wrong with me? why can’t i just trust the process? here i am, finding myself without my 40 day blog project, and feeling panicky. again. a clear case of the “i don’t know what to do next” blues. of course, i also know that everything always works out, even better than i usually plan or imagine. so, i’m actually beating myself up about feeling panicky because i know that there is NORead More

on today’s agenda.

20 Jan 2013 life

celebration is my theme for today. woo hoo!! got my sermon all done last night. based it on jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. wrote about learning to celebrate in every moment, because there is always, always something worth celebrating. it’s always the right time for a party. it’s alway the right time to take something ordinary & make it something extraordinary – like jesus making water into wine. and now, i’m gonna work really hard to practiceRead More

are there rocks on your road?

rocks. stones. pebbles. boulders. today, for me, they symbolize the things that stand in our way. for me, advent & christmas is the time  of year when i remember that it doesn’t have to be this way. i don’t have to be stuck. i don’t have to be afraid. or lose hope. salvation & freedom are on the way. salvation from a life that is empty, tired, uninspired, and unjust. freedom to embrace myself, accept myself, and be true toRead More

thursday’s top ten.

28 Jun 2012 culture + art, lbgtq

i snatched this from facebook. one of my former seminary professors posted it on his wall. he’s one of the ones who taught me so much during my master’s degree studies to be a minister/pastor. guess what classes i had with him? theology & ethics. yep. i remember sitting in his class, as it was truly with ALL of my classes… i realized for the first time that i was not the only liberal theologian/minister out there. i felt likeRead More



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