Tapping into the deep, renewing new moon energy of March

17 Mar 2018 home + design, la luna

Every new moon brings us a chance to begin again. But, there’s something about this one, this weekend, that feels extra special new. Perhaps it’s the vernal/autumnal equinox coming up in a few days. The day of balance of light + dark that propels us into a new season of the year. Oh, how I long for the changing of the seasons. Whatever the energy is, I am tapping into it. However, I’m not so much focusing on inward reflections,Read More

here’s why i believe that if i can meditate, so can you.

21 Oct 2015 spirit + soul

i love meditating. and i hate it too. i love it when it feels good. when i feel like i get up from my mat + have had some amazing experience. i hate it when my mind goes crazy and i can’t focus. when all i think about is my grocery list or the traffic outside, and then i start dreaming about my next trip somewhere, suddenly realizing that i am in daydream land and nowhere near the present moment.Read More

// week twenty eight (part 2) // the healing magic of sweden’s nature

14 Jul 2015 sweden

hello, friends! have i got a treat for you today! get ready to breathe deep + feel the healing magic of the swedish archipelago. yesterday i shared a bunch of photos with you about camp life in the archipelago – i spent last week there. but, the other part about being out in the archipelago is communing with nature. to get there, after 2 hours or so, you turn off of the main highway and then drive for a while longerRead More

guest post celebration: a little slip of sunshine.

6 Apr 2013 create + inspire

kate is inspiring. and although we just came across each others’ blogs in early 2013, we have become friends. supporters. dreamers & believers together that we all can live a life that is whole, peaceful, and full of true happiness. kate’s blog oozes with love and acceptance, the kind of love and acceptance that only one who has been through & survived a lot in life can exude. and she has. been through a lot. and the beauty of itRead More



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