02.16. the month of brave // why we should all live wild + free

Last week I introduced you to the theme of the month: brave. Good lord, I had no idea how timely it would be for me! 

How about you, though? Is there something calling you to step out + be brave? Are you facing a challenge, a dream, an opportunity, or a decision that is calling you forth to make a change, to begin a new journey? 

I most definitely am… with the “threat” of suddenly having to move to another apartment in about 5 weeks. Crazy shit. But, we’re handling it. Dealing with it – and seeing the possibilities, instead of the problems. 

That’s all you can do, I believe, when you hear that call to change. It’s up to each of us to choose how we will receive that call. And the only responses are bravery or fear. 

Sometimes that call forces us to change things drastically and quickly. It comes suddenly and out of the blue. Other times, it comes from deep within, bubbling and trying to get us to hear that faint whisper that tugs at our heart and soul, guiding us in the direction in which we are to go. Either way, how we respond is the key to how our life will be lived. 

Right after we realize that we have been presented with a call, that there is a change on the horizon, what do we do with it? In my case, I usually freak out for a little bit. Then, I try to get my balance back. But, I have discovered that to summon the courage that I need to move forward, to find that balance and trust needed to accept the call to let life unfold, I need to back away a bit. Withdraw. I desperately need a little bit of time to ground myself. 

Back when I was planning my themes for the month, I don’t know why the word “brave” came to me for February, but I knew that there was a specific feeling I was going for this month. It’s connected to the idea of going out into the wilderness, of facing our temptations and fears, of being totally alone in order to hear my soul. 

It is in the desert, the wilderness, the darkness that we are the most quiet and can hear those whispers from our soul the best. It is in the wilderness that we find our courage and strength and motivation to pursue this crazy calling that we’ve been handed. 

When I worked in the church, this time of year (beginning tomorrow) is known as Lent. It is celebrated as the time that Jesus received his calling, his mission in life (to spread a message of love, wholeness, and inclusivity – in my opinion). Immediately after receiving this calling, he went out into the wilderness for 40 days. There he did all of those things that I described above. Fought off temptations, reflected, and ultimately accepted this calling he had received. 

It isn’t just Jesus that has gone out into the wilderness to fast and pray and find his bravery. Buddha did the same. Most religious traditions, including Native American traditions, include a time a wandering and searching. People take sabbaticals in order to rest and hear their souls… to decide what comes next in life. 

So, though we may not be able to head off into the wilderness or take a sabbatical, we can add in a few minutes every single day to turn inward. We can create our own wilderness. Throughout February, we can use a few moments every day to allow the courage to build within us. And it is there that we will find our bravery. And then, we will take that first step on an incredible journey that will transform our lives – and the lives of others around us. 

How about it? Are you ready to get your brave on?! 

xoxo Liz

5 thoughts on “02.16. the month of brave // why we should all live wild + free

  1. I just literally wrote about this very thing today, though not quite as eloquently as you do here. Love it Liz, and thank-you for the reinforcements. I need it. <3

    1. I love that we were channeling the same vibes. Wow. And, I read your thoughts… totally beautiful, girl. xoxo

      1. Aw, thanks so much. I am hoping to catch up with the rest of your posts today. I’m in a better frame of mind now, but I’m sure working through the muck has helped. 🙂

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