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whew. it’s sunday. a day that is easily becoming my favorite one of the week. it’s just the epitome of slow living in my life these days. a day of staying in bed, or of rising early and cozying up with a cup of coffee – or three. a day of long mornings, good breakfasts, and staying at home. i don’t even mind the chores that come with sundays because even they are a lesson in mindful, aware, slow living.

sundays feel like the one day that i can just be present. and, even though they’re so very different from how they used to be in my life, they are still my sabbath day of rest.

years ago, when i worked as a minister in a church, sundays were the busiest days of the week for me. and yet, even in the midst of all of the busy-ness of working from 7am-2pm and then 4pm-9pm, i still felt a sense of sabbath. it was always a sacred day, a day meant to be lived with intention. however, it was definitely not a day rest. it wasn’t really slow living, but it was intentional.

now, however, i can incorporate the rest that i associate with observing the sabbath. and, even though i do not attend any church services or religious services of any kind, i still have meaningful rituals on sundays that remind me who i am, why i am here, and help me focus on the sacred that is found in everyday life.

sundays reset me. they help me to pay attention + to reconnect. they help me realize all of those grateful feelings, and they provide me with the lessons and strength and rest that i need to continue my journey over the next coming seven days. on sundays i fill my soul so that i can hopefully be and do and live a life that makes a difference in one way or another.

as i reflect on this sunday night, i realize just how busy this past week has been. it’s been a crazy routine, and finally, today, i am able to break that routine and slow it down. i have literally eaten, slept, worked, and looked at apartments every single day. the thing that has been the hardest with that has been my absence from some the things that i love: writing, blogging, photography, spiritual/life coaching. i know that it’s simply up to me to make those things apart of my life, now that my everyday life has changed with my new job. but, i just haven’t figured out that balance yet. and, i was ok with that. i assumed that the balance would come over time and i decided that i would just patiently wait for it to happen.

i haven’t found that balance yet. and, in fact, i feel a bit more out of balance actually. of course, the balance will come. but, i understand now that it will just arrive much more slowly than i had originally imagined.

the need (and amazing opportunity!) to move in the next few weeks has taken over my life. couple that with work every day and that’s my life right now. it’s all moving forward, but instead of just allowing balance to happen naturally, i am also adjusting and adapting to accepting a new way of living, in a new, yet-to-be-known, place.

so, yes, sundays are holy days for me. they help me reestablish the flow of energy in my soul. they balance me by giving me space and peace. the slow, intentional pace of sundays is such a gift. they are like a long, deep breath.

and that’s what these sunday blog posts are all about for me. slowing down just enough in order to reflect back on the week that has just passed. and, in reflecting, realizing how sacred and holy and magical every single day is really is. sundays help me find a semblance of balance.

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Who loves spending a day in Stockholm?! I do!! ⚡️ #stockholm #visitsweden #vsco_sweden #travel #daytrip




// oh, stockholm. my how gorgeous you are. i totally lucked out with this shot – as i was speeding by on the subway when i snagged it. not too shabby, eh? wink. wink.

// saturday afternoons at home. almost as good as sundays. but in a whole different way.

// wednesday was ash wednesday. the beginning of lent. i tried to write a blog post about it. but, it never quite came together, which kind of breaks my heart. but, it’s ok. i accept that there are lessons that i am learning right now, about living life + being present. about focusing on here and now, and everything that is right in front of me. still, i have so much inside of me… related to ash wednesday + lent. it is a powerful season for our souls, if we choose for it to be. perhaps i’ll get something out someday soon. until then, i’ll trust the timing. knowing that it will come when at just the right moment.

// apartment hunting. we are visiting places, living on the housing sites on the internet, and continually planning + hoping + investigating. but, we know that whatever comes our way will be exactly what we want + need. this is a floor that we totally fell in love with in an apartment we visited.

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// semla: these little scrumptious goodies are almond buns. they are the traditional food for fat tuesday in sweden. i was in stockholm on fat tuesday, and on my way back home, i ran through the train station, slid into a cafe, ordered semla bun, and made it to the train just before it left the station. it was my last chance to eat a semla before the day was over – and it was totally worth the effort. 

Life coach training in in the wilderness. Work in the city. Apartment hunting at night. And yoga training in Stockholm today. It's been a whirlwind of a few days, and it ain't gonna slow down. But, I'm doing all I can to stay balanced. So many possibiliti

// yoga meditation: after a week of work, my weekend in the woods for life coach training, and then working again on monday, i had my yoga meditation training on tuesday in stockholm. i was frenzied and rushed. tired and stressed. anxious about apartments and just feeling weirdly emotional. but 8 hours of meditation was exactly what i needed to purge some of my emotions + let my soul find some moments all to itself. free. aware. calm.

Apartment hunting today in a winter wonderland. Gotta be luck luck, right?! ✌️ #apartmenthunting #househuntersinternational #igersuppsala #winter #vsco_sweden

// it’s a winter wonderland again. and that makes me so very happy.

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during my yoga day in stockholm,i talked to lina on the phone during my lunch break. when i hung up, i realized that my fellow yogis had already all gone to eat. so, i headed out on my own – something that felt totally fine to me on that day. i wandered the big street, hornsgatan in södermalm neighborhood – my favorite area of stockholm – looking for a funky place to eat.

i found it.

i walked into love food cafe and i felt like i’d stepped into a hip place for foodies in asheville, north carolina. it was minimalist, clean, funky, and american-inspired. the menu was even more exciting. a select few southern-style  sandwiches made of things like brisket, korean bbq, pork belly, and tofu. and my favorite: BLT (bacon lettuce tomato). of course, there’s also beer on tap. it actually reminded me of food truck food. only stationary + in a small space. 

the place was packed, and people kept pouring in. i devoured by BLT and fries, and totally enjoyed my home-grown, north carolina-born pepsi.

if you’re visiting södermalm, i highly recommend this spot for a great little lunch. you won’t be sorry. i can’t wait to try a new sandwich next time.




alrighty, friends. how was your week? you doing ok? i sure do miss feeling like i am connecting with y’all on a regular basis. i feel like i’m all over the place. but, know that i am thinking of you. and i am working very hard on living in the present moment, finding balance, and staying true to myself. what are you working on right now? anything?

xoxo. liz.

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  1. Wow, you’re making ME tired just thinking about that schedule. I’m glad you had the 8 hours of meditation, and I hope you find more times of calm and peace amid the chaos. Also, that lunch looks amazing!

    1. It was deeeeelish! And you know I’m always on the hunt for moments of calm and peace. xoxo

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