the week that was all about the new normal // 14

sunday, midday, and i’m on the sofa with my third (!) cup of coffee. the sun is streaming in, the entire apartment is bright and light and airy. oh how i love it here. our home. my gratitude is maxed out right now.

today feels like a true spring day. outside, the sky is a deep blue, with only a few white, puffy clouds behind the cathedral’s spires, rising above the city outside our living room windows. i spent some time outside this morning, sipping coffee in the sun. reading the paper. watching birdies catch worms. the feeling was amazing.

we’ve got nothing planned for the rest of the today. we’re just taking it as it comes. a little laundry, some grocery shopping at the nearby supermarket, and the rest of the day filled with sharing our love of slow, creative living. doing the things we love. writing. photography. drawing. nesting. reading.

i would say that things are getting back to normal now. finally slowing down + feeling familiar. but, it’s all happening from a new, different perspective. like i’ve truly embarked on a new life. the same person, with the same hopes and dreams, but experiencing everything so differently. so, it’s all very familiar and all very new at the same time.

but, it feels good. and right. even though it still feels completely unknown.

i’ve started wondering, though, if i have embarked on a new way of living because i’ve found a new height and depth to my life. a new way of not learning how to live in the present moment, but that i’ve actually shifted into living it.

because even though i am reflecting on all of this right now, i am not so much reflecting during the week. oh, that’s not exactly what i mean. i don’t know how to explain it. i’m not thinking about living, or how i want to live, or working on creating the type of life that i want… i am just living it.

that’s my new normal.

of course i am writing and learning and reflecting on the things that inspire me on a daily basis. but, more than that, i am living in the present moment. not seeking to live life slowly and mindfully… i am just doing it. or being it. it just is happening.

and oh how freeing that feels. how peaceful and strong and stable and wonderful it feels.

not that i have reached the highest of highs, but i have reached a new plane for myself. and, for a while, life is telling me to just live it. to just be in it. a new level, a new challenge, a new and deeper and higher realm of being will present itself in good time.

for now, though, i am so happy to say that this new normal of mine (though not all kittens + rainbows right now) is a beautiful, wonderful way of simply being alive.


monday (my day off), i had a life coaching session with a new client. i have so many hours to get in before i finish my certification, so it felt amazing to finally get back to this part of my life. (need a life coach?! contact me! it’s still free!).


cafe life coach line
yes, i am the girl who actually stops to smell the flowers. walking home from work one day, this bouquet caught my eye. it just popped up naturally by the fence. amazing +beautiful.
rain. rain. much rain this past week. every single day. but, i keep telling myself, “april showers bring may flowers!”.
spring rain me feet
i found my first blooming tree this week! there are not many out there, in fact, this is still the only one i’ve seen. but, soon! soon, there will be flowers + green leaves bursting everywhere.
spring tree
just loving on our eating area in the kitchen. it’s still under progress, but… i love it more every day.
home kitchen
coffee love.
coffee me table
this week there was a powerful new moon. one that was totally hidden (as new moons are), but that offered us a new beginning. a reset button that calls us to a new path, an unseen path, just like the moon herself. but, if we stay true to ourselves, a path that will lift us higher + ground us deeper than we have ever been before. a very timely new moon for me… how about you?
i found a fun mug in the cupboard at work. loooove it!
coffee me work
homemade tortilla pizzas this weekend. yum yum yum!
pizza home cooking
saturday mornings at our place.
weekend home bedroom cozy
sunsets from our living room. what an amazing view we have. so grateful for the magic of nature.
sunset uppsala
a spring sunday morning means coffee outside in the backyard!
coffee grass spring
backyard uppsala

i sure do wish, dear friends, that you have had a beautiful week – whether it’s been full of crazy adventures, regular life, or something in-between. and that you know that no matter what happens, you have everything you need right inside of your soul.

sending lots of love + peace to you all.

xoxo. liz.

9 thoughts on “the week that was all about the new normal // 14

    1. You are so very right. Finally settling in and adjusting and feeling good. Awwww… cozy photos is a fantastic compliment! Thank you, lovely!

  1. This post made me smile the entire time while reading it. It’s all so peaceful, happy and hopeful! Love where you’re at in life, and how happy it makes you. Also, your photos are stunning! Happy Sunday my friend ❤

    1. Thank you, Miriam! What a sweet comment – and I am so glad that you like my photos! Hope your weekend turned out peaceful and exactly what you needed. Hugs to you!

  2. I love how you describe your shift in perspective and how the familiar can be seen with new eyes. I find it so inspiring how you’re living (in a truly present way) your life as opposed to being conscious about living your life – that you’ve incorporated the lessons, moved beyond the need to be aware, and can now just be and move through life from that point. “Peaceful and strong and stable and wonderful” it must be. Love and (even more) peace to you! xoxo

  3. The new normal is sounding and looking as fab as ever Liz! It’s rained none stop here recently it feels… but this morning it’s looking good again!

    1. It’s feeling pretty good, too. Albeit, different. And, oh, the spring weather. Doesn’t it just toy with your emotions?! xx

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