grounded 04.16 // i’m not gonna be perfect. i’m gonna be present.


i’ve been thinking about it a lot. good thing, too, since it’s my theme for april. it really has stuck with me, though. and last week, one of my favorite new-to-me bloggers really made me think about what really makes a grounded life.

miriam, over at farm girl miriam,  posted a little post on a day in her life. it was such a fun thing to see + read that i thought i’d have to do one myself. so, on my day off yesterday, i decided that i’d snap some photos throughout the day + film a little bit of what a regular day looks like for me.

it also got me thinking about being real + transparent, about claiming and being proud of myself exactly as i am and for what i do.

i try to create my own form of art, share my own form a spirituality on instagram and this blog. i set up photos, engage in a little faffing + organizing, spend time thinking and planning, and do my very best to share something that is beautiful and meaningful. but it’s not about looking good or gaining followers (though that shit is fun too!). taking my time to write or take photos is one of the ways that i practice slow, mindful living. it’s a way i ground myself. a way that i bring meaning + joy to my life.

you see, i’m not trying to be perfect. i’m trying to be present.

so, i do not apologize for the filters or editing that i use in creating photos and blog posts. it’s actually the complete opposite. i embrace my desire to take my time to get just the right shot of a moment that is so sacred and beautiful that i am bursting to share it with the world. and i proudly accept the fact that, in order to put together a blog post, it usually takes me hours, sometimes days.

it is the care + love that i put into these spiritual disciplines of mine that give meaning to my everyday life. that make me who i am. pink plaid pjs to meditate in, addiction to coffee + netflix and all.

this day that i have chronicled in film + photo is not how i spend every day off, but it happens quite often. a day of rest, relaxation, a tiny bit of (life coach) work, and simply being present – with myself + my love.

it wasn’t until writing this post and watching my own video, though, that i remembered… grounded. these things, these regular, mundane, everyday things that took place in my home yesterday, are the things that keep me grounded.

i hope that you find my video… entertaining. cute. weird. stupid. or whatever you find it to be. ultimately, i don’t care. the video is for me. a reminder of the gratitude i have for this life that i live.

but, if for some reason you feel inspired, then i’ll take that too. inspired not to live life like me, but inspired to embrace exactly who you are, exactly how you live, and feel the freedom to just throw your beautiful self out there into the world. you have so very much to offer, so very much to give. and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. be true to who you are…no matter what. life will continue unfold and make sense as we live and love and soak up the little things. because it is these moments, these days that make up a life.

i’d love for you to share your day with me! until then… enjoy my little (totally not perfect) video!


xoxo. liz.

6 thoughts on “grounded 04.16 // i’m not gonna be perfect. i’m gonna be present.

  1. Liz, you sharing the person you are is exactly what I’ve always found inspiring about your blog. I also love that you don’t apologize for doing what you want/sharing how you want to share it. Can’t wait to watch your video when I get back to wifi. Enjoy the rest of your day off!!!!

    1. It was a totally great day off!! Thanks so much for journeying along with me back and forth across countries, and in my thoughts and worries and sharing in my joys. You are a special person! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing you Liz! And I just love what you said, “I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m trying to be present.” So thought-provoking. Will definitely use that <3

    1. Awww! Thanks so much for taking the time to watch! Glad you liked my little saying. 🙂 Hope all is well with you! xx

  3. I’m in love with your video Liz! So calming, beautiful and relaxing. And pretty darn perfect, if you ask me 😉
    You always manage to capture emotion. The entire video radiates the sense of feeling grounded. Amazing!

    1. Oh, thank you so much for saying all of that Miriam. I was truly inspired by you to capture it all. And I am absolutely humbled by your words and support and love. xo

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