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a spring in my step.

20 Mar 2013


i don’t really have a spring in my step. actually it’s the exact opposite. i am snuggling under covers as much as humanly possible whenever i have free time. but today i’m also practicing the power of positive thinking. hehe.

anyway… happy first day of spring!! yay!

though it doesn’t feel or look like it at all here in sweden, or in many other places as i’ve heard. it is darn-freaking cold. super blustery. and it’s been snowing for over 36 hours now. every time i step outside, i feel the bitter wind chill and chap my face instantly, and my bones feel like they have ice crystals forming on them. i am shivering from the inside. it is most definitely,  uncomfortably NOT SPRING here. nor does it seem that it is ever coming.

while i can’t see any sign of spring outside, i know that those little signs lie just beneath the snow. i know that there is movement under the earth and that things are moving through the branches on the trees. nature is still preparing herself. the earth will burst open with color in due time. although that time is moving too slowly for me right now, it seems.

so, in all of my impatience, what have i done? i’ve surrounded myself with as many pretty, pastel-colored things as possible. i’ve taken pictures of them with my instagram app. and now, i’m sharing them with you!




“The alchemist was dazed and dumbfounded, as the true meaning of the magic was revealed: *The dead will rise from glade to glen and ancient will be young again*. The dead had, after all, risen. From dead and dry things there was growth, and new life everywhere. And the endlessly long winter had at last turned to spring. From life to death and back again to life. It was indeed the greatest magic in the world.” ― Lauren Oliver

happy spring, y’all!

pastel colors, love, & peace.

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  • Reply eldinsmille 20 Mar 2013 at 20:02

    Here is -5 and snowing as well!

  • Reply kate1975 22 Mar 2013 at 04:26

    I love this quote so much. I am going to remember it for a long time. Thank you.

    Good and healing thoughts to you and good and healing thoughts to you of spring. 🙂


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