christmas-time. i absolutely ♥ this day.

it finally arrived. my first of 5 days off in a row. weeeee! and, oh what a day it has been! full of christmas-y things to get me into the spirit. i carried my phone with me throughout the day (as usual), and ended up clicking pictures everywhere i went. so, here’s a little peek into some christmas-time magic from norrköping, sweden. enjoy!

 the christmas tree peeking out from behind the bedroom door this morning.

 hello from me on this day before the day before christmas eve!

i took a walk to the main post office to pick up a package from the states!!! it was very, very lightly snowy and beautiful with the sunshine glowing through the clouds.

this year’s winter in norrkoping. just a little bit of snow. hope it lasts until christmas…
 christmas gifts & fun stuff from the states. thanks, mom & dad!!

the christmas spirit all around downtown.

 see the tall smokestacks in the distance? they are lit up all december for the 4 sundays in advent. like giant advent candles. i love them!

 a closer look of the “candles” from the cozy, old-fashioned knappingsborg section of downtown. there are great stores, cafes, & restaurants here. but, it’s kind of expensive.

 christmas trees for sale in knappingsborg. it’s sooo cozy here.

 santa’s clothes hanging in knappingsborg?!

 i really, really love this tree by the river!

 and these trees too! they line the way from our favorite pub (which we visited tonight to begin our holiday weekend celebration!) to our apartment.

so, there ya go. in between the errands, picture-taking, & pub visit, i did a little more christmas shopping, present wrapping, & christmas movie watching. now, i’m just hanging out with my love – who by the way made the most beautiful toast to us, to this weekend, & to some very much needed quality time together over the next few days – oh, how i looooove her! anyway, we’re watching a movie & relaxing before we jump back into the holiday spirit in the morning. have a fabulous friday!

peace out.

0 thoughts on “christmas-time. i absolutely ♥ this day.

    1. thanks, c. it means so much to us to be able to be together for some days & reconnect. hope that you have a beautiful, peaceful weekend!! xoxo

  1. A very happy Christmas to you and Lina xox seeing all the presents I think you found a way around the lottery 🙂 I just caught up with your blog and I will start the day very inspired. Missing you buckets. Lots of love Nicole

    1. merry merry christmas to you & chris!!! we hope that you have a peaceful & amazing christmas weekend together. miss you like crazy & thinking about you bunches! love you! xoxo

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