everyday life update: preparing to be an expat again + holiday cheer

hi friends! i just realized that i haven’t done a regular little everyday life kind of post in a while. so, i thought it was time to share what’s been going on in my  preparations-for-moving, christmas-holiday insanity right now. even in the midst of all of that craziness, i have found time to squeeze in some regular things that i love to do – you know, those soaking up the moments kinds of things.

of course, it’s all getting really real now, and i feel panicked about moving and excited about moving all at the same time. so, it feels like my emotions are right up in my face all of the time. and i am aware of every single beautiful second that i have here. basically, it’s like trying to live completely in the present moment + plan for the future at the same time. a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

in any case, here are some of the moments  i’ve been enjoying during the past week or so…

concerts + local music


my last fika group meeting: such an amazing year it has been leading this group!fika-group-asheville

did a little scavenger hunt around asheville. it’s fun to be a tourist here!me-lina-paige-downtown-asheville

visiting breweries + drinking beeraltamont-brewing-beer





soaking up amazing december sunrises + sunsetssunrise-home-asheville


celebrated the swedish st. lucia daylucia-light-candle

baked goodies + drank spiked cider with stacy + linabaking-stacy-lina


cozy dinner with family at a super funky + yummy restaurantninemile

soul searching + preparing for the upcoming solstice and new year: lots of changes in the wings, and it feels amazingwrite-blog-coffee-work


hope all is well with you during this time of the year. so much is happening for us all. so much energy, so many emotions, so much busy-ness. sometimes it’s super hard + sometimes it feels wonderful. i’m wishing you lots of peaceful and beautiful moments in the midst of your everyday life. and i’m sending out lots of love and light, as always, dear readers.

namaste. xx

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