gratitude 30: week 3. (the holiday edition)

happy thanksgiving!!!

it just so happened that my weekly gratitude 30 photo challenge post fell on thursdays. and you know what that means… it means that this thursday is an extra special post. a thanksgiving, kick-off-the-holiday-season post. woo hoo!!

so, as you enjoy your day – wherever you are – as you gobble down turkey or go to work or play with your kids or hang out with friends or cry yourself to sleep or worry about tomorrow or remember your yesterdays or sip on a cup of tea, i hope that my pics provide you with a feeling of peace & calm, or a little chuckle, or just a moment for you to think about what you are grateful for today.

i just want to say that today, as i am separated from people who mean so much to me, and at the same time, surrounded by people who mean so much to me; today i am thankful for all of the people in my life. for those of you from my past, for all you americans, for all you swedes (and people living in sweden), for all of you readers who live all over the world… you all have touched me in many different ways. and on this thanksgiving, i give thanks for the connections, the friends, the family i have. each of you are a part of me. each of you have influenced me in one way or another. thank you for inspiring me, for supporting me, for teaching me. thank you for being you.

now, on with the pictures!

day 15: family

my love & i being all cozy in our hotel room in stockholm. i could never express with words how grateful i am to share my life with my love, my best friend, my everything.

day 16: inspiration

my love singing with blackbyrd in stockholm. i am so inspired by the way she chases her dreams & makes them come true.

day 17: weather

a cold, windy, but beautiful saturday in stockholm.

day 18: change

a little change of scenery. back home with our cutie zola after a fab weekend.

day 19: laughter

what is a day without laughter & someone to share it with? i’m thankful to have both.

day 20: food

preparing ingredients for a homemade soup on a chilly november night. cozy. and grateful for the warm, nesting feeling it gives me.

day 21: home.

i used my picture for home yesterday, when i wrote about my homesickness, so i decided to just post my thanksgiving wishes here for you instead. of course, i am so very thankful for my home. for knowing that wherever i am, i am home – as long as i have my love, and as long as i have all of the people i carry with me, who have made me who i am.

today, i give thanks for my life. and i wish for you a life full of joy, peace, inspiration, and dreams. let’s give thanks together that life is a journey, a constant adventure. but, oh what an amazing ride it is! enjoy every moment!

on this thanksgiving day here in sweden, it’s cloudy and gray. i’ve got to work a little, but in between the work & the laundry, i’m gonna light candles and kick off my holiday season with some holiday movies: miracle of 34th street to be exact. and, of course, charlie brown’s thanksgiving. hope you have a great thursday, too!

peace and love.

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