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up first in my little guest post celebration series is heather from moments of mezz (go check her out after you read this!). i love to read heather’s posts. she writes about her wonderings & thoughts as an introverted 20 something, shares her deep passion for her dogs, for the tv show 24, and for starbucks coffee, and she refines her mad photography skills as each day passes.

one day, in the beginning of belovelive’s life, i had a comment from the mezz. i don’t remember exactly what she said or which post it was, but i remember thinking that she was so sweet in complimenting my photos. soon, heather was leaving her footprints all over my blog. and, of course, i had stalked her blog, and decided that i needed to follow her too. thus, began this blogosphere, instagram, Facebook, cyber friendship that we now have had for quite a while.

i know that heather is on a journey toward inner peace, and one day she asked me to write about my journey… how i had achieved such inner peace in my life. it was heather who was the catalyst to kickstart my “from death to peace” series here. she got my book on a roll. so, she is actually a very important blog friend and influence in my life. yep. i am truly thankful for the friendship that we’ve begun, even if it’s only over social media at this point. though, in many ways, i feel like i know her. and i am certain that, once i’m back in the states, we will get together and meet face to face! how amazing will that be?!

but, for now, i’ll let heather’s voice take over. thank you, heather, for being a guest blogger on belovelive!

my dear readers, with great pleasure & excitement, i introduce to you moments of mezz:


What does mean? Although I can’t remember the first time I stumbled upon Liz’s blog, nor the circumstances that led to it, I do remember reading her header and feeling the peace it exuded.

Be. The quiet confidence. Love. The inner steadiness. Live. The representation of an anchor, finding the niche that holds. In a way, those three words were everything I did not have, do not have, and am searching for.

 I’ve been in this life for barely 22 years. The first ten years of those life were dedicated to learning  a little bit about how the big world (and those in it) works. The next ten years were a more specified type of learning, that of which is more self-centered and egotistical: puberty, responsibility, fitting in, etc. Have you ever noticed that the most confusing years of a person’s life (which is generally adolescence) is spent trying to figure yourself out? Then, with those twenty years of experience, you’re shoved into the “adult” world to contribute to the society in which you decide to live.

I did not learn how to “just be” in my first twenty years of life. I did not allow myself to learn how to be myself because I was too busy looking over my shoulder, a strong distrust and wariness of people having been ingrained into my unconscious. But it became apparent that figuring myself out wasn’t completely alone in the spotlight anymore: “love all.”  Love who you are, they said. But who, I thought, do I love? What do I love? 

Almost finished with my college career, the aspect of “live life” has now come into awareness. And whilst I have made steps with just being, learning who I am, and who I want to be, there is still a long way to go. This life is a journey. And man am I glad I’ve gotten the chance to take it.



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  1. Omg Liz your words of kindness are astounding, thank you so so so much for letting me be a part of your blog and connect with you over social media. It would be so awesome to meet you when you come to the States!

    1. it’s a plan! and it was so great to get to feature you. the please was all mine. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Moments of Mezz and commented:
    I got the chance to write a guest post for a wonderful fellow blogger. Liz is a fantastic woman with so much good to offer to the world, and her blog is filled with peace, love, wisdom, and self. Go check her out.
    And thanks again, Liz, for letting me be a part of your blog!

  3. I can’t remember now how I stumbled onto your blog, Heather, but I’m really glad I did! Because of you, I also met Liz, and its been great to be part of both your worlds. Love your reflections, always 🙂

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