celebrating 2015 // photos of some of my most memorable moments

the photo above was taken on new year’s eve in 2009. just 5 days after lina and i had gotten married. we were in uppsala celebrating, visiting lina’s brother, his girlfriend (now wife), and the rest of the “gang”. we haven’t been in uppsala for new year’s since then, so i thought it’d be a great little throwback to share the photo, as we will be celebrating with the same people (and in uppsala, of course) tonight. how fun is that?!

and, to think, that we now live here. we’ve just completed our first year in this city. and i have absolutely fallen in love with it. how freaking crazy is life?! never in a million years did i really think that we’d be living here, and that, after 6years, welcome in a new year, with the same “gang”, and even more in love than the newlyweds that we were on that new year’s eve 6 years ago.

so, here’s a little peek into what this first year in uppsala has looked like. a chronicle of my everyday life + those moments that have become extra special to me. and, oh, how i consider myself blessed and so very grateful.

w i n t e r



s p r i n g



s u m m e r








a u t u m n






t h e | h o l i d a y s






happy new year’s eve, everyone! pop the champagne!

12 thoughts on “celebrating 2015 // photos of some of my most memorable moments

  1. lovely 🙂 i love seeing and hearing you talk about your wife, it sounds like such a deep relationship but also fun 🙂

    1. deep and fun is exactly what it is. 🙂 what a wonderful observation! hope that you have had a great beginning to your new year! xo

  2. What a year! Uppsala is so beautiful – as are you two! Here’s to more wonder in 2016! xx

    1. oh, how sweet are you?! and i do love this city! cheers to many more awkward + beautiful moment! 😉 xo

  3. What an amazingly beautiful life you have created for yourself there. I can feel the love, especially in the ones of you with your love. (The one with her neck tattoo actually brought tears!) You are exactly where you are meant to be, thrilled for you. <3

    1. Oh, what a beautiful thing for you to say. Thank you so much for sharing so deeply in our joy (and heartache, and everything else that life has thrown at us). Know that you are in my thoughts and heart as well. xo

        1. That means so much to me to hear you say that. To know that someone feels that way. Wow. I’m overflowing with gratitude. And I’m so glad you’re on the ride with me!

          1. Writing is new to me and I always wonder that myself, so I figured out would point out that you are doing a great job of exactly that!

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