robert frost on monday morning.

the dreary november days continue. it’s monday morning, and  i’m searching for energy. i made the bed, but i want to unmake it and crawl back in. it turns out that the more people i talk with about my november blahs, the more people i realize are suffering in the same way i am. i had no idea this societal autumn disease existed. now that i know that i’m not alone, i feel that we can and we will most certainly make it through. but, it’s a fight.

i watched a movie last night that was filled with quotes from authors & poets; and, i found a little inspiration to keep on going. movies, books, words… they speak truths & remind me what is truly important. you know, we will make it through. there is light in the midst of the darkness. i promise. not that it makes november easier. not that the struggle to get out of bed and do something productive with my day simply disappears. it isn’t easier. the struggles don’t disappear. but, this darkness will not last. i know that. fall turns to winter. but, spring always comes again. as it is with the seasons, so it is also with life. an ever-changing, ever-dying, ever-renewing circle. in the meantime, at least for the time being, i am still walking around like a zombie, only wanting to be home. only wanting to close myself off from everything & turn inward. yes, my mood & my attitude mimic the weather & the season. but i’m keeping my eyes open for any tiny bit of inspiration. i need it.

my dark november monday morning, filled with some candlelight & a warm cup of coffee. candles & coffee make everything better.

a quote from the movie “A Love Song for Bobby Long”…

I just want to breathe in every day.

Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length.

~ Robert Frost

peace, to all my friends & family. 

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  1. I have added some whipped cream to my coffee today. Makes the fact that it plans to stay dark almost all day, while raining, a little easier to deal with. ^_^

    1. Whipped cream!!! You are so smart! I’ve got some in my fridge, so I do believe I’ll be having a cup of coffee with whipped cream this afternoon! =)

  2. I heard that fall/winter can be quite depressing in Sweden. Don’t they have a pretty high suicide rate among industrialised countries? Anyhow, forget that comment. Didn’t mean to discourage you. But I heard the snow can be quite amazing and if you’re really into skiing and snowboarding, than way to gooo!

    1. Haha!! The dark is quite depressing, and I am holding my fingers that snow comes soon! It is absolutely beautiful and cozy! Sweden looooves to have lights on all the trees, in every window, and then, the snow on top of it… amazing to see. But, right now, it’s all rain & gray. I’m holding on!

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