sensory overload. part 11. (or, i love being a tour guide!)

there are a few main factors contributing to why i have a ton of photos this week. and, i have a ton!

to begin with, last week was g-o-r-g-eous (most of the week, anyway). that kind of beautiful time when you know without a doubt that you will not be stuck in narnia forever. and it is as if you can feel the earth breathing beneath your feet… waking up from its winter slumber. literally, there was something in the air last week – a lightness, a hint of life. and the trees and plants and flowers and grass, you can’t see anything happening, but you can feel it. and, oh how i felt it this past week. spring will arrive! and i celebrated that knowledge by snapping photos of all of the blue skies, mountains, trees, and happy people that i could.

now, speaking of people, as i’ve said in previous posts this past week, we had guests from germany with us for about 5 days – our first guests from across the ocean! and, when you’re playing tour guide and exploring the place where you live with good friends, you tend to take lots of photos. yep. i sure did that.

so, all that said, i have a lot to share with you today because i had tons of beautiful, jaw-dropping, deep breathing moments. and i give thanks for every single one of them.

sunday: the american beer & movie scene

walk haywood road IMG_9944 beer

monday: biltmore estate, the river arts district, & live musicbiltmore estate DSC_0113 biltmore fountain biltmore entrance biltmore lion IMG_9972 biltmore vine

blue ridge mountains

DSC_0133 IMG_9993


IMG_9990 DSC_0158 DSC_0164 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0152 the wedge peanuts and beer europeans in asheville DSC_0182 live music

tuesday: waterfalls, mountains, & coffeebreakfast on the balcony looking glass falls highway 276 looking glass falls pisgah national forest DSC_0229 road closed IMG_0051 blue ridge parkway panacea spring sky creek

IMG_0131asheville pizza company

wednesday: yep. snow. and a fika meet up!

926113_291253111025451_1571793143_nallgood coffee meet up

thursday & friday: cozy days of working at homeworking from home

saturday: friends & fun

IMG_0141 IMG_0147

sunday: brother-sister day

IMG_0158 IMG_0165

how was your week? was there anything that out of the ordinary that happened? or was it a fairly normal week? what were the moments that touched your soul – big or little?

peace & love to you all. xx

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