sensory overload: part 9

you know how some weeks are just regular weeks? well, that’s how this past week was. just regular life – not that that’s bad. but, it’s those weeks that seem regular, boring, mundane, and/or ordinary that are the ones that teach me to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. and believe me, if you look, you will find it.

so, even though there were not ground-breaking moments, i quietly moved through the week just doing what i do. and looking back, i can see just how amazing some of those moments actually were. however, if i am really aware, then i am present in the moments as they happen. that, of course, is my goal.

the past week was full of little things that, as i looked through my photos, reminded me that i am so blessed -just to live the life that i do. that there is inspiration all around me.

in fact, i dare say that inspiration was actually the theme during the week:

an evening beer and cozy lights.


we rearranged our bedroom. a new perspective, and a funky loft feel. love it!bedroom

finished an amazing book: The Invention of Wingsthe invention of wings

Had my first book club meeting! so. much. club

my new favorite breakfast place: Biscuit Head & a great Fika meet up with incredible conversationsbreakfast

a lot of work/writing at home. ok. not as much as it should have

sunrises, sunsets, and silent momentssunrise


on saturday, I attended an amazing LGBT conference  – inspiration. networking. support. information. activism.
LGBT IMG_9705 IMG_9712

sunday morning laziness with my little familysunday morning

and finally, the oscars on tv! it was a great show with (again, I use the word) inspiring actors, speeches, & moments


i need to seriously be really productive this week. motivated. effective. and creating that paradise that i say is my own inspiration for 2014. perhaps all of that inspiration that i soaked up last week will carry me through this week.

so, i’m gonna try to be all about business this week – and also taking care of my family (who are sick and having a rough time) – because next weekend some friends from germany come to visit! so, time to get moving. here’s to wishing you a great week, friends!

peace & love. xx

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  1. Lovely pics! Who’s not well, Lina or zola? Get well soon! Simple Weeks I think are often the best!

    1. Lina is sick and my brother is going through a rough time right now. Zola’s just dandy! Plus, I just found out that my dear friend is having a tough day. I think the winter blues are running rampant over here. Maybe I can do some supporting & cheering up. Hope you and your girl are well!! xo

      1. Good snacks, lots of tea and snuggles for the wife! Lots of cheering from you and I’m sure they’ll be better soon! Xx

  2. Regular weeks are my favorite kind. I hope the inspirations fuels your productivity next week! Great post 🙂

  3. Such a sweet lovely day to take a peek at your wonderful world Liz. Best of luck with ongoing advocacy work, and I must say – best Oscar night ever! Wow Ellen was awesome, and the speeches! OMGosh. Every year I watch it with my nearly 22 yr old son, and now we’re both huge (bigger!) fans of Jared Leto. Who would’ve thought the Oscars could be so funny, touching (a few tears!) AND inspiring?! Love it! Hugs to you, Gina xo

    1. Thank you, so much Gina. So glad that I can share it! Oh yes… the Oscars was very emotional and wonderful! Peace and love… xo

  4. Hey Liz. It sounds like the Asheville winter has closed in. We spent a winter there, and it didn’t snow so much, but it was freezing. The good news about crappy weather is that it can be motivational – to stay inside and be productive. Best of luck with that. ~ James

    1. Winter last week, James. But spring, this week! So typical Asheville. Haha! And yes, the bad weather definitely makes for cozy, hopefully productive, times. xx

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