Slowing down for a Soulful September

Let’s talk about September, shall we? ‘Cuz it’s here, whether we’re ready or not. Personally, I’m ready – and you’ll find out why in just a sec. So, this weekend, as a way to welcome September, I tapped into my intuition to try to feel the feels for this month, and suddenly the phrase Soulful September came to mind. And immediately all of the vibes for this month came rushing to me.

This is my life birthday month (one of the reasons why I am ready for September!), but it is also a time to celebrate our soul’s birthday. And what I mean by that is that it’s a great time to celebrate the cycle of the soul; which, in my opinion, correlates directly with the cycle of the seasons. And, it is in this season that we are leave behind the extreme intensity of summer or winter, and settle into the softer season of autumn or spring. These are seasons of change and transformation. The seasons of the year that remind us of quiet balance. A perfect opportunity for a little soul care.

Alright, here’s a little more about the vibes of September (for the northern hemisphere, where I live). It is a month that yearns to be slowly enjoyed. A month that contains summer’s end and autumn’s beginning. It is slow, intentional, and calls for a sense of presence. A mature month, one in which we are ready to harvest, ready to expand, ready to build, ready to prepare. A time to reflect + a time to be active. With sunny days + crisp nights. Golden, warm, cool, and cozy. A paradox + a balance.

As we seek to embrace that balance this month, we realize that the only way to do that is to be truly present. And, in our presence, we find that it is the perfect time to celebrate all the ways we have grown this year, all the experiences we’ve had, and all the ways that we have been transformed in the first 8 months of the year. It is the time of the year to recognize that another year is fading away, as we now enter the last season before the darkness sets in.

So, we are meant to live intentionally + with purpose in September. I dare say we have to live with intentionality + purpose… as we must stay focused on the moment so we hold our balance.

We are meant to look back for a short while. We are meant to cast our eyes forward a bit. And, most importantly, we are meant to recenter ourselves, to readjust our lives, to rebalance our being, and to simply be willing to teeter in-between it all. Summer + winter. Past + future. Life + death. Heaven + earth. Body + spirit.

September is meant for the soul. A season to just slow down, celebrate, and enjoy the softness of the moment. To bask in the wisdom of our maturity which comes from all that we have learned. And to know that surrendering + letting go is what comes next as the sun sinks low + mystical autumn settles in. But, for now, September simply wants us to be… Here. Now.

It’s all we can really do actually. And, therefore, we might as well embrace the balancing act, enjoy the view, soak up the transitions, and observe all that is transforming right before our eyes + deep within our soul.

September is simple living. It is slow living. And it is one of the most sacred, soulful times of the year. So, be sure to stay grounded + settle in for a cozy, meaningful, magical celebration of this season of change.


wild blessings to you, lovely soul. xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “Slowing down for a Soulful September

  1. Unfortunately, I’m still unable to just “like” the blog posts, so I guess I’ll just say “like.” lol September is a month that I feel like my mind starts settling down more.

    1. Thank you for your likes… however they come! Here’s to settling down + slowing down. xoxo

      1. Oh I don’t mind liking your posts in that way. I was just letting you know that it still wasn’t showing up right on my end. I just tried your blog on a different browser and it’s still not showing the “like” button. It says “loading…” Does it show ok on your end? I just hate for you to not get the likes you deserve on your blog. 🙂

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