sensory overload: what a crazy, great start to 2014

oh gosh. i haven’t done a sensory overload post in 2014 until now. and you know what that means, right? tons of photos. but, that’s ok with you, isn’t it?

it has been a magical, beautiful, and inspiring start to my 2014. from a vacation to disney world to having paige (for the love of wanderlust) here for a few days (and she’s coming back in just 4 days!) to meeting with my editor about my newspaper column to snow days to getting back to a regular schedule after the holidays to finding my yoga groove again… it has been such a great month. exiting and relaxing all at the same time. and that, my friends, is a perfect balance in my world.

here’s a peek into many of the things that piqued my senses and overloaded me with joy and love…

coziness at home

living room girls season 3 home studio daisies parents

new year. new salon. new haircut.

blue ribbonselfie new haircut

crazy weather: from warm sun to 1 F/-18 C cooooldtrees my asheville balcony haywood roadsnow cozy cat snow day snow pool home snowy road weaverville snowy farm

time at my favorite hangout: highland brewing companyhighland brewery beer sunburst

working fikas & new writing assignments
world coffee cafe eagle street coffee emporium downtown asheville

namasteyoga love yourself february selfie

what touched, inspired, moved, and amazed you in january? happy february, friends!

peace & love. xx

0 thoughts on “sensory overload: what a crazy, great start to 2014

  1. Love your collection of photos what a great start to the new year. You’ve reminded me that I need to take more photos of my everyday xx

    1. thank you so much for your comment! and thanks for reading my blog. enjoy your photo taking! 🙂

  2. I cannot express how much I adore that haircut! I cannot wait to see it in person in THREE DAYS!
    I can’t believe how crazy that weather has been, but it made for some absolutely stunning photos!

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