why asheville is my pick for beer city, usa.


drafts   if you have read our blogs before, chances you know a couple of things about us.

  1. we love asheville.
  2. we love beer.
  3. we love drinking beer in asheville

so, today, while a cold corona sits on our desk in sweden, we’re posting about asheville and beer and rallying for votes for asheville as beer city, usa = the best city with the best beer, best breweries, and best beer-drinkin’ atmosphere. if you have never been to asheville (and you like beer), then i promise you that you will agree with us. the vibe, the diversity, the sheer creative atmosphere of the city not only impacts the visual and creative arts in the area, but even the beer. there are local, micro-brews all over the city. there are pubs and beer places dotted all throughout downtown offering a beer connoisseur an experience not found anywhere else. there are festivals all the time, offering even more opportunities to sample new, seasonal brews. it’s all about local. natural. personal. relaxed.

on tap

asheville is small-town enough that you feel like you’re a part of a family, without being so small that you feel smothered. it’s just a bunch of people from all walks of life (literally) gathering together around a common love nature, art, music, beauty, or a cold brew. seriously, why would someone not vote for asheville as beer city, usa? for that matter, why would people not vote for asheville as the best city period. and if you haven’t visited, drop in (after july when we’ve moved there!) and we’ll invite you out for a great beer.

the wedge

we’ll probably take you to this one place that we love. majorly.

it’s located in the river arts district of asheville… a sort of co-op kinda place for art: clay & pottery(my sister-in-law has her studio there), jewelry, cafes, painting, wood-working, glass, fabric, metal, photography, and… beer.


the wedge is a local brewery in an old warehouse in the RAD (river arts district) which brews its own beer right there. you might wonder about a local brewery that has set up shop right smack dab in the middle of an artsy area. well, the wedge explains it. their philosophy is that “beer is art”. now, that’s passion. think about drinking beer created by people who see the process and product as a contribution to the public as art. super cool, i think.


at the wedge you can sit and sip and chat, all the while seeing the brewing process behind the bar. it’s a simple place. with old brick walls. and only a wooden bar/counter and a few wooden stools. the reason is because there is ample, amazing outdoor space. in this warehouse yard, surrounded by other warehouses filled with fellow artists and the french broad river and railroad tracks, are tables, lights, chairs, and plenty of space to plop your own chair down. it’s just gravel and, again, simple. but, that’s the point. it’s industrial. raw. real. because it’s really all about the beer and the company you’re keeping.


some days there is a food truck that pulls up and sells goodies. and in the summer there is an outdoor cinema once a month. and, of course, bluegrass music makes an apperance too. we have never been there to experience the wedge in all its summer glory, but it’s on our list of things to do… soon!

if you’re interested check out the wedge’s video.

the wedge is only one reason that asheville is beer city, usa. it’s only one of many unique, eclectic, diverse breweries/pubs in the area. in asheville, beer is more than drinking. it’s a way of life. a philosophy. a community.

i know you’re convinced now, huh? and you wanna go right on over and vote for asheville, nc as beer city usa, right? well, click here and you can vote. it’s truly clicking on one button. today’s the last day, so get on it right now!

because now you know the truth… in asheville, beer is art.




there’s a new place in town. and it serves good food and good drinks. but, that’s not what makes it special. the things that is different about this place is it’s concept. it’s all about living life. and what they offer at “enjoy” is a cozy, stylish place to meet friends, drink some drinks, munch on some munchies, and just be.

DSC_0052my love & i went to enjoy – bar & mat (mat = swedish for “food”), in the cool area of knäppingsborg,  monday night with a good friend. there were a good amount of people there, but it wasn’t crowded, so we were able to get a table & then enjoy (hehe) each other as we laughed & chatted the night away. i’ve heard that it is quite a different scene on the weekends.packed, full of people, and limited seating. i should check it out then too. oh yeah.


i couldn’t decided what to drink, and i was leaning toward a glass of white wine, when all of the sudden, my love ordered a beer for me. wisby weisse (the “w”‘s pronounced as “v”‘s), to be exact. what i would call a local beer, as it comes from a swedish island a couple of hours from where we live. it arrived. tall, light, and cold. i took my first sip, and i was in love. i mean… really in love. it was so smooth, crisp, and delicious. it reminded me of a beer i had in santa fe, new mexico about 2 summers ago – honey wildflower something. i love  a refreshing beer.


so, we drank & ate, and we were satisfied. we laughed. we talked. we did exactly what we were supposed to do…

we enjoyed.

there’s nothing like finding a new, fun, relaxing, yummy place to go & hang out. if you’re ever in norrköping, sweden, look me up. we’ll grab a beer and enjoy life a little.



the porterhouse. dublin.

three plain porters, please.

as promised, our first two chicks & some beer adventure took place in dublin, ireland. and we most definitely had a little adventure. here’s what happened…

two weeks ago we headed to dublin to celebrate the wedding of two of our friends, and before all the wedding festivities we had a chance to do a little pub crawling – a must when you are on the emerald isle, of course.

the porterhouse. temple bar.

our first night in dublin, we thought we’d grab a guinness for our first beer. you know, to celebrate traditionally, and then move on to new & different beers. so we headed to the Porterhouse in the middle of the temple bar area. we’d been there before, last fall, and knew that it was a great place to hunker down with some beer and enjoy the irish atmosphere.

what’s on tap.

so, we went up to the bar, and firmly stated, “three guinnesses, please”, when the bartender asked what we were having. we ordered three because lina’s brother was with us. the more the merrier, ya know. anyway… completely unexpectedly, the bartender politely stated that they don’t have guinness there, all the while thinking “stupid tourists”, i’m sure. with extreme embarrassment and shock, we realized that this was an opportunity to try something new – perfect for two chicks who love beer. before we knew it, we had three pints of plain porter sitting in front of us on the bar, ready to be enjoyed. we paid and made our way up the 3 flights of stairs searching for a place to sit.

three plain porters, please.

as we sat and began sipping our cold, smooth, yummy beer, we discussed & processed what had happened down at the bar. and we decided that it was even better that we ended up here, ordering something new. and the more we found out about the Porterhouse, the more we were impressed & excited.

the Porterhouse is a brew pub, which means that it is a brewery & a pub. they brew small batches of beer, so everything is local and fresh. love that. it’s ireland’s first brew pub, actually. and the beer we drank, the plain porter, won the gold medal and was awarded the best stout in the world in 1998/1999 and 2011/2012. no wonder it was yummy.

the owners of the Porterhouse now have brew pubs open in 4 cities… 3 in great britain and 1 in nyc. all serving beer brewed locally in small batches in the brewery in dublin. in fact, the nyc pub is most likely the only pub in the states that serves true dublin brewed beer. cool trivia fact.

you know, usually when the best-laid plans are ruined, things usually turn out for the better. yeah, we did get our guinness later in the evening, but if we hadn’t made the mistake of ordering guinness in the Porterhouse, then we never would have discovered & enjoyed 3 pints of plain porter and some awesome live irish music.

what did we learn? go with the flow. and always, always, try something new.

to find out more about the porterhouse brewing company, their pubs & their beer, click on the logo above.

until we meet over the next pint… slainte!