a month like no other. (and august’s photo journey is revealed!)

july’s theme for belovelive’s photo journey was adventure… and what an adventure july has been! wow. i new it’d be crazy and amazing, and i knew what lay in front of me as the days passed; but i had no idea exactly what it would look like, feel like, and be like. i knew i was ready for it, and july has not disappointed. one special moment after another has made this month an unforgettable one. a month that i am certain will go down in my little history book as a huge turning point, a great transition, and a crazy chance to keep following my bliss.


july 1-6: spending special “goodbye” moments with friends/family in sweden.

3548c1eee31e11e2b5f422000a9e5ad5_7july 7 – 13: a week in the swedish archipelago


july 14-20: the big move! flying with 8 bags, two people, a cat, and a guitar.


july 21 – 27: settling into our apartment & soaking up asheville.


july 28 – 31: finally. a week’s vacation on the coast of north carolina at my parent’s home. a perfect place to end an overwhelming month.


so, now that july has passed, it’s time to move on to august… for me, it’s the end of the summer season. the days where we transition from the carefree, long days of summer back into routine and reality. a time to come home, from all of our travels & vacations. soon, it will be the season of home and hearth, of harvest, and of cozy, colorful, cool days.but, before i get ahead of myself, we still have some time left of warm, golden days. there are still days of summer hear, summer storms, and bbq’s. still, it is a month when we begin to turn inward. we return… to our homes.

so, this month, in celebration of the month of august & the return to routine, and in celebration of setting up my new home in asheville with my love, i decided that august’s theme would simply be… home.

a month for us to open our homes to one another, to share our favorite spots and little secrets, if we dare. a month to remember that the home is actually where the heart is, and fhat those of us who are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads and a bed to lay down on every night, are truly blessed. for there are many who do not have a place they call home, or they have a home filled with violence, fear, and/or poverty.

this month we celebrate all things that make us feel at home. and we give thanks for the homes that we have had. so, i invite you to join in and play along! here’s how:

save the photo journey list to your desktop or on your smartphone, so you know what the word is for each and every day. as i was thinking about the idea of “home”, i realized that there are so many ways we can feel at home, so i organized the month into different mini-themes that are centered on different things we think about when we think of homes. each of the words under each mini-theme gives you something to focus on for those days. remember that it’s all about how you interpret the word. be creative and express yourself however you want!

here’s a link to instagram so you can sign up & get started! click here to join in.

and if you want to become part of the bllphotoaday community, just follow me at @lizslens on instagram.

if you don’t have or don’t want instagram (which is totally fine!), then simply post your pics on facebook or on your blog. but, let me know, so i can follow along. i’ll do my best to spread the word that you are participating. however, the best way to create a photo journey community is actually on instagram. buuuuut, there is one more option… you can post your photos every day to belovelive’s facebook page! perhaps we can get that community growing as well! invite your FB friends to “like” belovelive’s page and then our community will spread even further & wider! think of all the inspiration! click here to go to belovelive’s page.

so, there ya go! we’re all ready for august now!


i am really looking forward to seeing your homes, your feelings, your thoughts, and your interpretations! thank you for playing along and, as always, thank you for reading belovelive. your presence is such an inspiration!

love & peace.

0 thoughts on “a month like no other. (and august’s photo journey is revealed!)

  1. I’m excited to join in with this challenge on instagram! great themes – there’s some I can already think of what I want to picture!

    1. So excited you’re joining in, Holly!! Can’t wait to see your shots. I saw the “little issue” you’re having today with you porch… hope everything works out as fast as possible. xo

      1. Well I happily trotted home, ready to take a pic, Meg and I turned up from respective shops at the same time, and both were like, right oh, so it finally fell in today! My dad called back at the right exact same time (he is a builder!) and I think we’ve got him scheduled in for September after he’s back from holiday… So we just live with it til then! Thankfully we still have a secure front door!

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