last week, i came across a blog post from one of my newest blogging buddies, miriam, from farm girl miriam called “currently”. you can read her post –> here.

the idea of the post is quite free + random. it’s just to write a bit about what’s currently going on. a little what i’m doing/thinking/feeling now. nothing deep, just fun. and i love fun.

so, currently…

→ i am counting my expat blessings. i mean, on any ole regular day, like today, i get to ride my bike to the grocery store. creatively pack all of my groceries on my bike/in my backpack after i am done, ride through a city square amongst beautiful, old buildings, pick up a little pot of flowers for $1.50 at the flower market in the square, smell the autumn leaves, feel the chill in the air, and know that when i get home after my 5 minute bike ride, i can make a yummy cup of coffee and warm up my cold bones.

bike autumn groceries

→ my first paycheck from the photo boutique is sitting on my desk! woo hoo. i brought home some bacon, baby.

→ i’m still in the honeymoon phase of autumn. loving the blanket on my legs. the candles lit in the room. and the cozy knowledge that, even if my love + i are doing separate things, that connection, that love, is always present.

→ it is my dad’s birthday, and my parents are celebrating at the north carolina state fair. oh, how i’d love to cram a fried oreo in my mouth, walk through the pioneer village, see the farm animals, play a few games, take tons of photos, and get a good, down-home feeling from my beloved north carolina. all while celebrating my dad at the same time, of course. missing you guys, so much, mom + dad.

dad birthday
my mom texted me this photo of my dad. currently. while i’m writing about him. how fun is that?! he’s chowing down on his favorite fair food: a foot long hotdog. the state fair is like heaven for him. 

→ i am so looking forward to my yoga training class in stockholm tomorrow (which is actually today as you are reading this). it’ll be my third class, and i cannot wait for 8 intense hours of meditation. i know it’ll blow my mind and touch my soul. and i seriously hope it pushes me into another meditating phase – cause this phase i’m in now of not being able to concentrate is not super fun, y’all. but, it is what it is. and it’s all part of the process. i know, i know. patience.

→ guess who’s starting to really get excited about our halloween party in a week and a half! and then there’s thanksgiving, and then christmas, and then… oh dear lord, i love holidays. and i’m going overboard on my pinterest autumn + winter boards. see them –> here and here.

coffee winter gloves

→ feeling excited + inspired about the new year. i’ve got lots of work and plans for this blog. i’m ready to change some things up and start to offer some courses, tips, series. it’s time to up my game, people. stay tuned for some fun, creative things to help us all live more simply, slowly, and  authentically in twenty-sixteen. i am so freaking excited.

→ i am totally binging on friends on netflix as i type this. it’s just my happy place, ya know?

so, what are you up to? care to share what you’re doing currently

onwards + upwards! xoxo

13 thoughts on “currently…

  1. I just studied for a midterm and won’t know the grade until Friday. It’s stressful, because it will determine if I should stay in the class. Besides studying, I am spending time with my son and trying to get him ready for college for winter 2016. I’m trying to get myself ready too. What kind of yoga are you doing, or did I miss that in another post?

    1. Good luck on your midterm! And, soon, you will know with certainty, I suppose, which way you should go – continue, or not. Still, whatever happens, believe that it always ends up being the best, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. So nice that you are getting some time with your son and preparing (both of you) for what lies ahead. I have written about it before, but you can’t remember everything! It is a healing meditation training that stems from kundalini yoga. xoxo

      1. The yoga sounds really great! I’ve heard wonderful things about kundalini yoga and with it being a healing one, it’s bound to be great! Best wishes with it.

  2. What a cozy and pretty word picture you painted! I can see the marketplace, feel the chill in the air, smell the flowers … just beautiful. And I love your photos, they are autumn-perfect!

    Thanks for the mention!

    1. Why, thank you! And thanks for inspiring this post. 🙂 Autumn has just got me all wrapped around her little finger this year. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty everywhere. xoxo

  3. I’m transfixed by two words. Fried Oreo? Really, like a fried oreo, or is this another mad american name for something?
    I too am getting mega excited for cosy autumn and christmas etc. The house is finally getting all the last bits finished, and having finished our ikea kitchen paying for – I can finally thinnk about spending some cash again and relishing some superficial christmas stuff this year – — — well as much as my frugal/trying to be minimial where possible mind will let me!
    We’re planning a big christmas party this year, and i’m already thinking about it months in advance!

    1. Yep. It actually is a fried oreo. As in, an oreo dipped in batter and then fried in oil. Sounds gross and like you might die just from eating it. But, I’ve had one in my life – only one – and it was, in fact, insane American deliciousness. 😉

      I know that you are going to absolutely love and enjoy all of your holiday moments this year – and I am certain that your Christmas part will be cozy and epic! Can’t wait to hear about it! xo

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