from here on out: moving forward after intense changes

whoa. september was a doozy. now that we are on our second day in october, i feel that i have the tiniest of perspectives of what really went down during the transitional month that just ended.

as a collective community, we all experienced the changing of the season with the equinoxes. we also all experienced that super full harvest blood moon. and even if we didn’t see it, and aren’t aware of it, the effects of it are real.


for me, personally, september was a huge month of changes. all for the good – ultimately. but, none of them easy. even the exciting ones brought with them a bit of anxiety + a need to dig deep and find courage. anytime something new happens, i always must stop and take a deep breath. i may seem to sail through changes + transitions, but i need a moment to gather my thoughts and prepare myself to take any leap of faith. i am often scared. it’s just that i refuse to let my fear and anxiety keep me from living life to the fullest.

in september, these are the things that weren’t easy, but have been so fulfilling. they are all huge life-changing things, actually:

  1. i began my sat nam rasayan training (a form of kundalini yoga healing meditation).
  2. i got a job! had three intense weeks of training, and worked my first shift by myself yesterday!
  3. my love went from working full time to being in treatment for her eating disorder full time. Read more about her journey on her blog –> here.
  4. i turned 41!
  5. autumn came: my favorite season of the year.

it’s a wonder i am not spinning out of control when i look back on the list. that’s a lot of big stuff crammed into 30 days. but, somehow, through grace, i was able to stay grounded, present, and focused on the present moment. i knew that the changes were coming, and all i could do was allow and accept and push on. because i knew that each and every change would lead me to a new, more wonderful, more enlightened, more inspired place.

not that there weren’t freak out moments too. oh, there were. there are. and there will be.

coffee morning sofabut, that’s what has happened. and now, it’s time to move onwards. i admit that it’s good to reflect for a minute (like i did here). to draw the connections and gain some perspective, but the most important thing is to embrace right now. and to move forward.

and, just as i was thinking about that, i received this message from the universe in my inbox:

The 20th century’s most influential artist may have been Pablo Picasso. He created thousands of paintings, and was still churning them out when he was 91 years old. A journalist asked him which one was his favorite. “The next one,” he said. I suggest you adopt a similar attitude in the coming weeks, Libra. What you did in the past is irrelevant. You should neither depend on nor be weighed down by anything that has come before. For now, all that matters are the accomplishments and adventures that lie ahead of you.

so, from here on out, all that i need to focus on is what is happening right now + what lies ahead.

now, that doesn’t mean that i sit and daydream about the future, wishing that i was there instead of here. what it does mean, however, is that i have entered a new phase in my life. all of what i have been working on for so long, since my divorce 8 years ago, is over.

the changes that i have made on the inside are now ready to be manifested on the outside.

i am embarking a new part of my journey. i have been writing about feeling that it was time for me to move on to a more outward focused life, but right now, after september + all of its changes, i am certain that i am in the dark period just before rebirth. and that feels amazing.

so, now that i am in the midst of a great shift in my life, i wanted to share with you all ways that i have learned how to live in the present moment. all that i hav been working on, on the inside. how to listen to my soul. how to live an intentional, authentic life. how to find a sense of inner peace.

and i am going to do just that. in fact, i am going to create a whole business and website around that. not a new website, just an upgrade to this one.

and this is going to be a long process. so, there will not be a new post about it all tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. i will be creating and growing and manifesting for as long as it takes.

however, i am beginning today. my first step onward takes place right now.

today i am heading out of town for the weekend. i am beginning a year-long life coach training course. and this is a huge dream come true for me. like, huge. i have dreamed about it since i was in seminary 10 years ago.

once a month, for 6 months throughout the year, i will be meeting to study for an international certification as a spiritual life coach. a spiritual guide. a mentor. what have you. and today, that journey begins. this is my first weekend of training.

i am excited. terrified. overwhelmed. relieved. i’m gonna miss my love like crazy. and oh so much more.

so, dear readers, i wish you a beautiful, inspiring weekend. do your best, as i will, to live in the present moment. to soak up whatever is around you and all that it has to offer you and teach you.

things have changed. for all of us. let’s grab on to the adventures and possibilities and life that lies ahead of us. happy weekend, lovelies.

 onwards + upwards!

12 thoughts on “from here on out: moving forward after intense changes

  1. What is so funny is that as I was reading your blog post here, I was thinking that you had the real makings of a life coach. Then I read that you’re going for it! I am so thrilled that you realize you have that ability. I have wanted to do that myself. Is this an online training or is it local? I might be interested if it’s online. I am really happy for you for your outlook and ability to be introspective without judging all the less than positive stuff as negative. Best wishes. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. That’s fantastic! So cool that you are thinking about me as a life coach. That actually means so very much to me. It’s something I’ve known that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but the timing has not been right until now. It is a local training – as I said in my post, I was away during the weekend doing my training. It will be five more weekends and then I am done in May. So, unfortunately, it is not an online training. But, there are many out there that are, I believe. Hope you had a great weekend! xo

          1. I didn’t think that you’d missed anything. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading Kathleen!

  2. I absolutely concur with your feelings about September as a whole…crazy how many shifts, and changes there can be in such a short time span. Ce la vie. 🙂 I wrote two blogs about it myself!! Happy blogging!

    1. How wonderful to know that there is someone else out there who experienced the same craziness. 😉 I hope that your changes and shifts have brought about good things for your life! Gonna go and check out your posts today:) Happy blogging to you too!

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