a snowstorm got me thinking.


looky what’s going on here in sweden today. yep. it’s a snowstorm. the wind is blustery, the snow is coming down hard, and everything is becoming beautifully white again. quite a change from north carolina’s weather last week. hehe.

i’m working really hard to get back into the swing of things here. i worked all day on sunday – i don’t really remember much because my brain & body were on jetlag overdrive. but, it was a good day. i do remember that. yesterday, i stayed home. all. day. long. in my pj’s. i am not sure what i did. i accomplished nothing actually. not even a blog post.

i’ve got a few blog posts that i want to write, but i just can’t seem to get them out. it was a perfectly cozy day yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. and, i am off to work today – and beginning my new schedule. so i don’t see it happening today either. i’ve been promoted to working 75% (yay!), and perhaps more (i’ll find out about that tomorrow, i think). in any case, it means more time at work and more time away from home. less time to blog & write. (gaaahh). unless i find a way to be overly productive & not sleep as much. sometimes, in life, though, the more busy i am, the more productive i am. know what i mean? so, we’ll see how it goes.

i’m a little bit freaked out about having more work to do. but, i’m also quite excited about it. anyway. i am just rambling today. perhaps processing my anxiety & culture shock of being back in sweden.

one thing i know is that all of this is right. it feels right. the timing is right. i can’t really explain it, but in my soul, i know that this is a new stage, a new season in my life. and i am meant to be right where i am. it may feel wonderful & not so great all at the same time… i may feel excitement, anxiety, wanderlust, contentment, inspired, and exhaustion all at the same time, but i am exactly where i am supposed to be right now. in other words, i am going to trust the process of life – something i am finally beginning to learn to do. i may not understand what is happening when it is happening, but in time, everything always makes sense. the journey always makes sense.

you know, it really is all about attitude. i have learned in my years that adventure is found out on the high seas & in the exotic lands around the world, but it is also found at home. it’s all about how one perceives life. every day, every moment is an adventure, a journey.

honestly, a part of my soul is shouting to find a plane, get on it, and go somewhere new. but, the other part of my soul is contently happy with being present right here, right now. it’s all about finding balance. learning to listen to my soul. to hear everything it is saying to me, and to always fight to be true to myself. to dreaming dreams, following those dreams, and living in the present moment. it’s also all about trust. trusting that the universe conspires to make all my dreams come true, as long as i stay centered, grounded, focused. and that’s where meditation/yoga/prayer comes in. it’s the thing that slows me down, open my soul, & reminds me who i am.

wherever i am, i can be used. i have a purpose & something to learn.  i can feel joy, excitement, adventure, and peace. and today, in the midst of this snowstorm, i am aware of all that is around me. i am looking froward to the opportunities that will come my way, and the moments of presence & love that i will experience.

here’s to wishing you a day filled with beautiful experiences. peace.

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  1. Hello,

    Wonderful. Reading your post was a lot like doing a meditation. It was wonderful. You are so right, you can do something right where you are at. Your ideas about adventure is something that I had decided to work on too this year, though I haven’t blogged about it yet. I’m so glad that you are in the right space for your life right now and that you know it. That is excellent.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. dearest kate,

    wow. thank you. i am glad that my writing touched you in some way. that is the most amazing thing that i could hear from someone. so, i guess we’ll let 2013 guide us from adventure to adventure, huh?! 🙂

    cheers! xo

    1. so, i guess we’ll let 2013 guide us from adventure to adventure, huh?!

      Yeah. I am very excited, for me and to see and read what adventures you are getting up to. 🙂

      I probably won’t be traveling much except in my own home area, but I am determined to have some adventures. I already have a few tentative plans. I want to write about that soon on my blog and mention what you wrote as an inspiration to me. I haven’t done a new year’s resolution post either, yet, a little behind on it all with other things taking up my time. But I did pick a word of the year, got that idea from another blog friend, and mine this year is sunny. I think your blog and you had a lot of influence on my choosing that word to focus on this year. I’m posting a post on that tomorrow.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.


      1. sunny! what a fantastic word! again… i am so humbled that you receive some inspiration from my blog. and i am truly looking forward to reading about your adventures (whether they are far from home or close to home), your sunny moments, and everything that 2013 holds in store for you that you share on your blog!

        peace & love. ~liz

  3. Oh Liz I really hope that you can take in what a wonderful person you are and how you are a shining light.

    Good and healing thoughts to you and to those you love.


  4. Oh Liz, I’ve said this time and again but I can’t say it enough: I’m so lucky to have stumbled across your blog and to have you as a blogging friend. You have such a wonderful way of capturing your world. Each of your posts teaches me how to live exactly the way I have been aspiring to live over the past few years, especially when it comes to living in the moment and having adventures. In this post you talk about balance and creating adventure no matter where you are, which is amazing because it validates how I’m planning to spend the next year. For financial reasons I’m forced to stay in Michigan for another year, but I’m resolved to have as many mini-adventures as I can handle, while still planning for bigger adventures after this year is over. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life 🙂

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