another afternoon in europe.

just me. on just a regular day.
i made a little run to the bakery around the corner. why? because it’s there. and because we were craving buns & croissants.
afternoon fika with my new cup & saucer from the antique store. courtesy of the above bakery.
by the time afternoon fika is over, the sun has set. yes, this is the view from my apartment at 4pm, folks.

just a typical, regular afternoon in my life. not too shabby, huh? well, i like it. and, yeah, it’s pretty cozy here in sweden. even if it’s dark & cold. the candles, bakeries, and fikas make it all bearable.

and you know, i truly believe that living in the moment, being present in the present, is the best way to live. it’s not always easy, but if we’re aware, if we try to focus on the good & look for the positive, then everywhere we look we find beauty. we find love. we find peace. we might even find god. yes, in a candle flickering outside a bakery. or a stolen moment of quiet with someone we love. or in the beauty & silence of the sunset. it’s all about our perspective. it’s all about what we choose to soak up in our life, and what we choose to give back to the world. life can be extraordinary, if we let it.

who says ordinary days can’t be magical?

peace & magic.

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