a word of thanks + i’m off to become a life coach

well, my friends, it seems as if i have gotten over the initial shock of having to move (read my tiny freak out post here). of course, in the moment of my feelings of panic, i also knew that everything would be fine. but, it’s always that unexpected thing that knocks us off our feet. so, even as i ranted and raved and felt worried and angry, i also felt continued stability and peace. that never left me. but, that’s the thing with balancing life. anxiety and worry do not just disappear one day, they are always with us. there is never one day that we become so enlightened that we don’t feel anxiety and worry and insecurity sorry, but it don’t happen that was. those freaked out feelings always pop up.

the question is, how do we we find our balance again? how do we feel those feelings, sit with them, and continue to know that these tough feelings/moments come and go, but we are always grounded + safe. how do we deal with the things that life throws at us? how do we feel what we feel, and still remain balanced? how do we let life unfold, accepting that which comes our way, reading the signs, and yet, also actively creating the life that our soul wants for us?

if you find yourself wondering how to create balance, how to find inner peace, how to make life more meaningful, how to slow down, how to discover the life that is calling you, how to listen to your soul, how to create + live the life that you want to live… then i am here for you. and, have no fear, i’m always figuring new things out. 

of course, we are all on this journey individually + together, and as a life coach, it is my hope that i can be that support that you need to help you discover your own mindful, meaningful, intentional way of living. it is my calling, i believe, to be someone who listens + talks + inspires you along your own journey of finding balance and meaning. 

i am heading out today for my 4th weekend of training as an internationally certified life coach. these weekends are intense + amazing, but this one is extra special. when i return, then i will begin my 60 hours of practical training. something that I feel so ready for! i am so excited + humbled to be able to be following this dream of mine and creating this business that i’ve felt drawn to for years. 

what all this means is that i will begin “working” as a life coach. and i am offering you a chance to be part of this journey. i would love for you to be part, should you find yourself feeling that you want to make a change in your life, have spiritual/existential questions, or just want to have someone to bounce your thoughts off of. 

i’ll be sharing more specific info here next week, but here are the basics:

  • i have a master’s degree in divinity, which means that i am educated as a minister/pastor and have worked as a minister/pastor for 9 years. currently i work as a high school mentor/life coach. basically, i’ve been coaching all of my professional life in one way or another. 
  • my life coaching sessions begin the week of february 15.
  • each session is about 45 min – 1 hour
  • sessions are available by telephone (sweden only), Skype, or face-to face (sweden only) in an agreed upon location.
  • prices from february – may are: 100 kr/session or $12/session (paypal)


now, back to the idea of finding balance…

there’s so much happening in my life right now. and it feels tipsy it you and wonderful at the same time. so many new and exciting and scary things are in my horizon. but, i’m staying grounded. 

besides meditation and yoga and writing, I want to give a shout out to you all. you guys are amazing with your support, encouragement, words of wisdom, and love. thank you so much for staying with me, for guiding me through my freak out post the other day, and for simply reading my words and looking at my photos. it means the world to me to feel your presence and all of your amazing vibes. 

now, let’s get on with our weekends! i’ll be sure to update you after I return from my training. and, if you or anyone you know wants a life coach/spiritual guide, then I’m your girl!!

love to you all. xoxo. Liz

8 thoughts on “a word of thanks + i’m off to become a life coach

  1. So many amazing things are happening for you/you make happen in your life right now!
    (Apartment issues aside.) I’m thrilled for you and so excited to follow your journey. Being a part of it all (even just a tiny one) is so inspiring!
    Have a happy and productive weekend Liz!

    1. hey, love! Thank you so much for your support – and for following along! Your spirit is something that shines through your words, and I am so grateful for that! xx

  2. YES!!! Get it GIRL!! I am thrilled to hear about your journey. I think I’m going to go sit back in the corner and eat more popcorn as I wait for more progress reports. You are always inspiring, even on your ‘off’ days. I thank-you. <3

    1. Aaaah. How sweet of you to say that! I am so glad that i have you close-by in my corner. 🙂

  3. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be the person who inspire and leads others when it feels like a heavy weight is burdening you. I hope apartment hunting goes smoothly and you both find a place you do feel settled in. The work you’re doing sounds so rewarding though, and I hope it continues to be so. I’d love to have another chat with you! And ENJOY THAT TRAINING WEEKEND! Those times are always so energizing and you need that support too. 🙂

    1. Wow. How insightful you are, Jess. I’m not sure how to explain how that means a lot to me, that you see + feel intuitively some of the things that I am feeling. But, know that it makes me all warm + smile-y. Yes! We need to schedule a chat again! let me know when!

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