sensory overload. part 13.

hi friends! it’s monday, again. time for a new week and time for my weekly sensory overload post! i find it pretty fun to go through my photos from the past week, and notice the things that were inspiring, amazing, and just simply really helps me to focus on seeing the beauty and amazingness that is contained in regular, everyday life. and that, i believe, is an important thing to practice.

we spend so much time wishing for this or that – always thinking that the grass is greener of the other side. these monday posts help me to focus and see that, no, life is pretty damn good exactly where i am. and it’s all these little moments that make me grateful for life, instead of wishing it away.

this past week i del like a drank a lot of coffee – and i was quite social. i worked on a coffee article about beans in the beginning of the week, and that gave me an amazing opportunity to have conversation with some seriously passionate people. plus, i am now wanderlusting about doing a coffee trip to a coffee farm overseas. how amazing would that be? i also had my regular fika meet up in a super funky, eclectic cafe in west asheville. battle cat is a definite favorite place to hang out. (i went twice last week!). and, during the weekend, i had two coffee meetings with panels i was chairing for two articles i am writing for and asheville eats & drinks guide that the local newspaper is publishing. so, yes. lots of people. lots of coffee. and that equals lots of fun!

IMG_0553 IMG_0614 IMG_0616 IMG_0673 IMG_0641

the winter weather just won’t seem to let up this year. it’s a crazy roller coaster ride, but i think we are in for some awesomeness this week as it will be in the 70s (20s celsius!). i’m keeping my fingers crossed – it is going to be april tomorrow, you know! time for a little spring!IMG_0579 IMG_0584 IMG_0719

i had my second book club meeting last tuesday, and it was so very great. there were about 12 women, lots of conversation and debate, glasses of wine, and a snowy evening all making it a perfect, cozy gathering. i just love meeting new people, hearing different takes on a book, and finding inspiration. plus, i get to channel my inner spiritual direction/teacher. bonus.IMG_0597 IMG_0602

here are a few more shots from the drive up north of asheville for that teaching interview i had. i’ll hear back something this week – not to determine if i got the job or not, but to coordinate my thoughts with the director = see where we both stand and what we are both thinking. i’l tell you what i’m thinking: i’m thinking that i want this job!

IMG_0645 IMG_0656

my parents came to town, so we did quite a bit of eating out (nothing new, i know. hehe). yummy places, fun times, and good to be together again. they split their time between my brother’s place and ours. it was short and quick, but meaningful to me.IMG_0558 IMG_0639 IMG_0666

enjoyed a few things that i love to the max this week: bubbles to drink, snuggles with our favorite little american, girl time with her mom, and cozy nights at home.IMG_0670

IMG_0707 IMG_0674

how was your week? any amazing moments? i hope that not only have you had a good weekend, but that this upcoming week is filled with joy and happiness and peace. sending you lots of love. xx

p.s. tomorrow is my belovelive anniversary! stay tuned for a celebration & april’s photo challenge! 


0 thoughts on “sensory overload. part 13.

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I am so happy that you are doing so many great things. I love these overload posts and some of the photos this time were so incredible, as are each of these kind of posts! I am so jealous and wish that I could do all those things. Each person who gets to see you, attend a book club or fika with you, I am jealous of them. I sincerely hope that they know how lucky they are!

    Good and healing thoughts to you and to those you love.


    1. Hello Kate! Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I am so grateful for your presence in my blog world, and for your inspirational posts, comments, and thoughts. You are all such a light and beautiful part of my writing experience. Sending y’all warm thoughts and lots of hugs. xx

  2. Hooray! Happy anniversary to you for this delightful and inspiring blog. Love it, and all you share here Liz. Keep it up Miss Sunshine. Cheers, Gina (PS – always love your pics but this week especially mom & dad. Great shot. Well and always your darling cat!)

    1. Hi Gina! Thank you for celebrating with me! I am so thankful to have met you in the blog world. I hope that you are having a peaceful, beautiful weekend. xx

  3. Lovely post and round up! What was this months read at book club? I have been a bad book clubber – and haven’t read our book for next week! But I will read the one after that!!
    PS Bubbles are the best!

    1. Our last book was “A Land More Kind Than Home” – really good and frustrating at the same time. The subject matter was tough – how fundamentalist religion took hold of a small, Appalachian mountain community (a real town about 20 minutes from Asheville – though the story was fiction). At the same time, it was beautiful to read about how there were people in that community were transformed and changed (for the better).

      I’ve started my next book, and it is HUGE! Good luck to you on your next one!

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