day 20: something i can’t live without.

well, with today being my love’s birthday, and the fact that she is the most important thing in my life, this post is most definitely inspired by her and our celebration of her throughout the day. for her birthday, lina & i spent the afternoon outside in the archipelago. the east coast of sweden lies a short 30-40 minute drive from the city and it is truly a gorgeous & peaceful place. but, we don’t get out there that much. the thing is, we don’t have a car & the whole bus thing takes waaaay too much planning. so, today, lina’s parents picked us up & drove us to the coast so the 4 of us could celebrate a birthday fika in the beautiful weather today. perfect.

as i looked through my pictures from the day, i realized that there is another thing i can’t live without (though not as important as my wife, of course)… nature. especially trees & water. so, here are a few pics from the day. a day filled with the most important thing in my life… spending time with my love surrounded by water, trees, and a great, big, blue sky.

it was a beautiful day. and i’m a lucky, lucky girl.

peace, dear friends.

week 1: april photo a day.

the first week of april has come to a close, and i’ve got some pictures to share from the #photoadayApril challenge. i made it through the whole week & found some days a challenge, but I pushed the creative side of my brain to the max… hehe. i truly enjoy this little photo experience & i’m looking forward to next week!

ok. here we go!

day 1- reflection: my reflection in my iPad, as I rode on the train.


day 2 – color: colorful easter eggs.


day 3 – mail: how mail is delivered in my neighborhood.


day 4 – someone who makes me happy: my love, of course. ♥


day 5 – tiny: a tiny elephant i got as a gift from india.


day 6 – lunch: a yummy quiche made by my love.


day 7 – shadow: the shadow of my easter egg on the table.


by the way, all my photos are taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app. i have a tiny addiction to it.

peace out, peeps.