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soaking up those late summer days.

have i got a bunch of photos to share with you?  or have i got a bunch of photos to share with you! whew. i’ve got a bunch of pictures to share with you! there really are quite a few actually. and since they’ve piled up on my computer and in my phone, that means..

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7 days. 7 ways.

i seriously believe that every single day it is possible to celebrate something. and that’s why i created april’s photo a day journey about life. i had the help of many different people (many of you) to come up with words that have something to do with life. and the opportunity to have a word..

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day 28: today’s weather from my kitchen window.

7am: mostly cloudy. wispy, light, with a tiny bit of blue peeking through. i had hope for a sunny day. 1pm: cotton ball clouds & some blue sky. it still looked like it might clear up & warm up. holding on with hope. 8pm: cloudy. overcast. windy. chilly. and yes, it even rained. bye bye..

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