soaking up those late summer days.

have i got a bunch of photos to share with you?  or have i got a bunch of photos to share with you! whew. i’ve got a bunch of pictures to share with you! there really are quite a few actually. and since they’ve piled up on my computer and in my phone, that means it’s time that i do a simple photo post. so, here ya go… life in asheville in mid-august: a little natural love: family. friends. home.Read More

7 days. 7 ways.

7 Apr 2013 wilderness

i seriously believe that every single day it is possible to celebrate something. and that’s why i created april’s photo a day journey about life. i had the help of many different people (many of you) to come up with words that have something to do with life. and the opportunity to have a word as a prompt every day, invites us (me) to find something to reflect on every day. what i have found, is that this opportunity toRead More

wordless wednesday: good morning, all you beautiful people.

22 Aug 2012 wilderness


day 28: today’s weather from my kitchen window.

28 May 2012 life

7am: mostly cloudy. wispy, light, with a tiny bit of blue peeking through. i had hope for a sunny day. 1pm: cotton ball clouds & some blue sky. it still looked like it might clear up & warm up. holding on with hope. 8pm: cloudy. overcast. windy. chilly. and yes, it even rained. bye bye beautiful, early, swedish summer. the weatherman says it’s gonna be cloudy, chilly,  rainy for some days. hmpf. time to snuggle down under a blanket &Read More

pink is not usually my favorite color.

27 Apr 2012 norrköping

but, today, i’m all about that girly, happy, soft color. just look at the weather we’re having on this first day  of the weekend!!! one of the swedish newspapers is calling it a “super weekend” – it was payday (everyone gets paid on the 25th of the month), it’s gonna be summer-y warm, and it’s a long weekend (the end of april/beginning of may/coming-of-spring celebration monday & tuesday!). sounds like a super weekend to me! and what a way toRead More



slow living. photography. craft beer. spirituality. moon + stars. bare feet. road trips. mexican food. blankets. the ocean. journals. coffee. airplanes. forests. meditation. eating out. cacti. playlists. family time. zola the cat. lina, my love.

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