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  • midwinter rituals

    Blogmas: 7 days of pure presence

    Y’all, there are 7 days left of Blogmas. How?! I truly cannot believe that the Winter Solstice and Christmas… are next week. Plus, we are also closing in on the end of 2021. And…

    15 Dec 2021
  • be

    Being present. Day 5: Diary of a slow life

    Thursdays mean the last day of the (outer) work week for me. It’s the last day of the week that I go to the school where I work as a mentor/coach for high school…

    7 Dec 2017
  • be

    You’re gonna want to be present for this

    I’ve got some amazing things planned for December. And some even more amazing things planned for all of 2018. And you’re gonna want to be present for it all. I most definitely want you…

    27 Nov 2017
  • be

    to be of use

    Today is the last day for students at the high school where I work as a mentor/coach/counselor. I can hardly believe that it has been more than six months since I started working there.…

    9 Jun 2016
  • in the wild

    sunshine & strawberries.

    last night (as every night) i slept under the stars that hang on my headboard. i woke early to the sun streaming in the room and hugged my family before i rolled out of…

    21 Jun 2012