welcome to the new be|love|live website!

13 Dec 2014 create + inspire

hi friends!! well, i have worked almost all freaking day on this website, and it has not been without some stress, including some feelings of complete + utter confusion. at one point, for some hours, i truly felt as if i was completely lost in some cyberworld with absolutely no map, no directions, and a head splitting, overwhelming desire to just give up. however, i did not. yep, i pushed through, googled the shit out of some questions and thenRead More

be|love|live is here!

12 Dec 2014 create + inspire

hey friends! i am working on everything! (it’s stressful, but we will see what happens!) light + love xx

a restaurant that feeds your soul.

  i love spontaneity. and the best is when you have people around you who are also spontaneous. on wednesday, i put spontaneity to the test. i had coffee in the afternoon with a friend that i’ve known for almost 3 years now. he’s from the netherlands, and we were in a swedish for immigrants class together. so, both of us were new to sweden. both of us were trying to understand how we were going to make a lifeRead More

this is only the beginning…

29 Jun 2012 create + inspire

a few days ago i received a comment from someone who works at InterNations, a website dedicated to connecting & providing information for ex-pats (people who live in countries other than their country of origin) living in over 300 cities worldwide. of course i read the comment with skepticism, and checked out the website only to find out it was actually legit. but, the really cool thing was that they were interested in featuring my blog on their website. orRead More

something to ponder.

13 Mar 2012 spirit + soul

pondering. one of my favorite past times. and thanks to a tip from my awesome & inspiring cousin, lindsey, i have something positive and encouraging to ponder over every day. this morning i got a little message in my inbox, like i do every day, from the universe. it’s from a fun, uplifting website that sends out daily inspirational thoughts via email. it’s just a little pick-me-up every day. this is what was waiting for me this morning: “Liz, ifRead More



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