the week when i ate my lunches alone // 15

18 Apr 2016 the sacred everyday

how do you feel about eating alone? do you do it? do you like it? do you feel like a loser or ashamed or weird if you go and sit somewhere by yourself for a meal? when you see someone eating by themselves, what’s your reaction? i’m only asking because i found myself eating alone pretty much every lunch last week. and i chose it to be that way. you see, i have never really minded solitary mealtimes. but, last week,Read More

a classic american thanksgiving for expats: complete with easy recipes

24 Nov 2015 gatherings

for americans, thanksgiving is in just a few days. in the states, people are shopping for their dinner ingredients right about now. stores are full of deals and recipes and suggestions of what to make for your table. do you want classic? southern? modern? elegant? buffet? the morning talk shows have tips and tricks on how to make the juiciest, yummiest, golden turkey. it’s all very inspiring + festive, i think. even with the long lines at the grocery storesRead More

from gatherings to everyday life: liz’s cozy day chili

16 Oct 2015 gatherings

now, let’s get one thing straight here. i am no cook. not into fancy recipes. and don’t really have a desire to become a chef of any sorts. you will not find me baking or basting or broiling very often. but, i do like food. and i looooove gatherings. so, cooking for a group of people and hosting a dinner party is major motivation for me to get in the kitchen and make some magic. and it is something thatRead More

// week thirty five // just when everything was getting back to normal…

31 Aug 2015 the sacred everyday

well, so much for routine. i spoke too early last week about getting back into the swing of things. turns out that life decided to throw me a little curve ball + knock me off of the track that i thought i was on. i got my first cold in over a year. yep. poor me, right? well, i most definitely did not get the things done that i had planned on getting done. i did get stuff done, but, yeah. asRead More

// week thirty // nick’s in town + vacation has begun!

27 Jul 2015 gatherings, norrköping

i don’t have any time, friends! we’re hopping a train to stockholm in less than an hour and i’ve gotta get dressed. but, i definitely wanted to share some photos from last week with you all. my love and i went down to norrköping on tuesday. she worked from home and i kept in contact with my brother as he made his way to europe. then, on wednesday, he arrived in norrköping! basically, my heart feels like it’s going toRead More



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