Be Love Live playlists are back! {And now they’re weekly! And include Instagram!}

5 Feb 2017 mixtapes

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go any longer without creating a playlist. It’s just in my bones. Now, I wasn’t really trying to not create any playlists. I just wasn’t putting any pressure on myself to have to create them. No need for me to feel any pressure to put something out there every month. Though, to be honest, it never felt like a chore. However, I suppose the real reason that I didn’t want to lock myself into aRead More

october’s new moon calls us deep into the darkness

31 Oct 2016 la luna

it’s time to dive deep into our souls. and just dwell there for a moment. deep down it’s dark. and that is most often very frightening. but, it is also magical. there is much to be learned, even if there is much that we don’t understand. and sometimes, my friends, we just need to dwell in the mystery. as we turn within right now, outside us, nature is mirroring this deep, dark time. up here in sweden, the leaves areRead More

how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

6 May 2016 la luna

generally being in-between things is not a good thing. or at least it doesn’t feel good. it’s unsettling and unfamiliar. and i think we tend to feel a bit paralyzed + freaked out by the unknown. or is it just me? but, i have learned to have a change of heart. what if the in-between time is not a time of worry + fret, but instead a gift of pause + peace? hanging high above us, and yet unseen, isRead More

reclaiming december // the mystery of the dark

when it’s dark, there are no details. no exacts or specifics. everything is formless. and in that formlessness lies the possibility of creation. what may be formed… well, that, my friends is a mystery. it’s the same as waking up on the first day of a new year. 365 days lie out in front of us, and what will happen during those days, how they will be filled, remains a secret. a mystery. it all must simply unfold. however, let’s be honest. that’s aRead More

embrace your dark side: a playlist for october

1 Oct 2015 mixtapes

“when i die, i’m alive. when i lose, i find my identity.” – the middle east the american in me loves october because of halloween. i mean, what’s not to love? costumes. candy. parties. trick-or-treating. scary movies. ghost stories. witches + goblins. haunted places. and that ever-so-awesome feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body because you just got so freaked out you don’t know what to do. for my entire life, halloween has been a holiday to look forward to.Read More



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