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The rise of the priestess and the energy of spring

The equinox has passed now, we’ve entered the season of the priestess, and the energy that I feel right inspires me to emerge from everything that has been. Not only to leave the dark, mystical hibernation of winter, but to also rise from a…

27 Mar 2021

Why this has been one of the best spring staycations ever

I’ve been tweaking + rewriting + updating my website for a couple of weeks now. But, I’ve really spent some time this spring staycation aligning it with my soul work. I’ve had the gift of time for the past 6 days, so I’ve been…

22 Apr 2019

Equinox Rituals: The signs of spring

It takes a while for the seasons to change. Even though the calendar says that one day it’s winter + the next day it’s spring does not mean that nature follows the calendar so precisely that suddenly we wake up and the grass is…

26 Mar 2019
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harnessing the energy of spring

have you being feeling a little bit “off” lately? or have you been feeling some crazy energy swirling all around you – causing you to be inspired, overwhelmed, confused, or out of balance – or a combination of all of these things? well, i…

20 Mar 2015