the power of blogging. or, the day that paige came to town.

26 Jan 2014 create + inspire

if you’re reading this, then you must know a little about blogging. you may even have your own blog. and if you’re not a blogger yourself, then you at least appreciate the blog world in one way or another. perhaps you are simply a supporter and reader of blogs. perhaps you are a long-time blog enthusiast, or perhaps you just stumbled onto this page. most likely, though, you fall somewhere in the middle of the blog-lover spectrum. no matter whatRead More

belovelive’s 1st contest begins now!

24 Jun 2013 create + inspire

i need your opinion. or advice. or both. i’m looking for comments and suggestions, so you better put on your thinking caps… ready? ok. since i am moving to the states, specifically to asheville, north carolina, a place that i totally love with all my heart. and since i am closing one chapter:  “my expat life in sweden”  and beginning the next one, i decided that it was a great time for a belovelive upgrade. a sort of overhaul toRead More

guest post celebration: the unbeaten path.

4 Apr 2013 create + inspire

exploring maybeland is a blog about dreams. again,i have no idea when or how our blogs crossed, but following dreams is one of the things that nic and i have in common. i believe that we kindred spirits that are chasing our dreams need each other, so that’s why i am thankful for nic. she has a vision for her life, and she is going after it… full-speed ahead going after it. and that’s inspiring. to me and to othersRead More

guest post celebration: moments of mezz.

2 Apr 2013 create + inspire

    up first in my little guest post celebration series is heather from moments of mezz (go check her out after you read this!). i love to read heather’s posts. she writes about her wonderings & thoughts as an introverted 20 something, shares her deep passion for her dogs, for the tv show 24, and for starbucks coffee, and she refines her mad photography skills as each day passes. one day, in the beginning of belovelive’s life, i had a commentRead More

celebrating 2 years of being, loving, & living!

1 Apr 2013 create + inspire

two years ago today i launched & introduced back then, i was a simple little american adjusting to her 7th month living in sweden. i was in the middle of my swedish studies, and barely able to squeak out a few swedish words. i was a stay-at-home wife, soaking up every single thing that my eyes saw and that my ears heard. living in europe was a dream come true, and i found myself needing to pinch myself constantlyRead More



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