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Category: the seasons

Equinox Rituals: It’s Mid March + time to check in with our calling

A couple of posts ago, in the beginning of the month, I shared a post that touched on all of the powerful spiritual energy that was swirling around. Because of that energy, there are a few very sacred, very meaningful themes running through this…

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Celebrating Litha, Light, + Love: Feeling all those midsummer feels

Happy Midsummer, my fellow northern hemisphere-ians! We’re at the apex of the season of light. Ready to bask in season of carefree days of love + laughter. And starting it all off by celebrating Litha, a.k.a. the summer solstice. In other words… it’s time…


April 2018: When your intentions are not at all aligned with what you need

By the second or third day of April, I knew that I was in for an unexpected, unplanned time that had nothing to do with the intentions I had for the month. I had entered April feeling connected, aligned, and grounded. And, looking back,…