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The nights are long + I’m just sitting here waiting

December nights are long. And I feel like I’m right in the middle of one dark, continuous night. And the only thing I can do is wait. As cozy as it is with the lights + decorations during this season, I’m finding it hard…

13 Dec 2020
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: The Age of Light

This is it, dear ones. This is my 12th post in my 12 days of Midwinter Rituals series. 12 cards. 12 days. 12 posts. And this one is p-o-w-e-r-ful. This one is the one that is filled with light + that pushes us onward…

26 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Boundaries

Saying no is hard, am I right? It feels selfish + wrong. I mean, for me, at least, it feels like I am letting someone down. Like I am putting myself first and not taking into considerations someone else’s needs or wants. Basically, having…

18 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: The Great Gathering

It’s all coming together. I just spent this Sunday morning pulling cards for the first quarter phase of the moon and journaling my thoughts + reflections. And it was indescribably powerful. Like, I am not even going to try to express it in words…

16 Dec 2018