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sharing is caring

there are a couple of things i have been thinking about lately. one, a little selfish and narcissistic, and the other, much more loving and outside of myself. let’s get the narcissism out of the way first. i’m pondering what’s happening with my blog. the comments and likes have seemed…

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the power of blogging. or, the day that paige came to town.

if you’re reading this, then you must know a little about blogging. you may even have your own blog. and if you’re not a blogger yourself, then you at least appreciate the blog world in one way or another. perhaps you are simply a supporter and reader of blogs. perhaps…

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my first chance to be a guest blogger! Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

a month or so ago, i had four different guest bloggers here on belovelive, and they blew my socks off with their inspiring and beautiful posts. as a result of that, one of them asked me to be a guest blogger for her blog. so cool! paige over at for…

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