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a new/old to way find your word for 2019

every year there is this big crazy popular push to find your word for the upcoming year. and i admit that i have been a part of it. but, this year, i am thinking about it a little differently. oh, i’m still taking part.…

31 Dec 2018
year summaries

Year in review: My top 10 posts of 2018

Year endings are all about countdowns, right? So, to celebrate the ending of my blogging year, it’s time for my annual top posts post. I’m counting them down chronologically. So, here we go! Here are the ones that y’all liked + read the most!…

27 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: The Age of Light

This is it, dear ones. This is my 12th post in my 12 days of Midwinter Rituals series. 12 cards. 12 days. 12 posts. And this one is p-o-w-e-r-ful. This one is the one that is filled with light + that pushes us onward…

26 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Boundaries

Saying no is hard, am I right? It feels selfish + wrong. I mean, for me, at least, it feels like I am letting someone down. Like I am putting myself first and not taking into considerations someone else’s needs or wants. Basically, having…

18 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: The Great Gathering

It’s all coming together. I just spent this Sunday morning pulling cards for the first quarter phase of the moon and journaling my thoughts + reflections. And it was indescribably powerful. Like, I am not even going to try to express it in words…

16 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Align Your Life

Nature is cyclical; but, so are we. It’s so easy to see how nature cycles and evolves and transforms simply by watching the seasons come + go, by experiencing the rising + setting of the sun every day, and by living by the cycles…

12 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Leap into the New Moon

If you’re waiting for a sign, then this is it. There is no time like now. In fact, this is the perfect time. And today’s card coupled with tonight’s new moon, which is the last one before a new year, is telling us just…

6 Dec 2018